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What last name do I use for invites in my second marriage?

I am divorced and kept his last name because we have kids together.  But now that I am getting married, what last name do I use in invitations and announcements?  Do I use my maiden name or my legal last name?


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    I'd use the name you go by everyday.  If that's your ex husband's name, so be it.  It's your legal name and that's what everyone knows you by.  If you don't use your maiden name on a regular basis and use it on your invites, you may have people that don't recognize the name!
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    What's the name you use for close and regular acquaintances now?  If you still use your ex's name, I'd continue to use that.
  • Your legal last name.
  • Use whatever name you use everyday - it became your name, not his, the day you changed it. 
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  • I don't have kids but kept the Ex's last name.  It does feel kinda funny to use on the invites, but it is my name (and everyone will know who I am...some only know me under the current name, those who knew me under maiden name also know my current name)...and it is just a name, not a tribute to the X...
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  • I came across the same dilemma but when viewing invites noticed that A LOT of invitations only list the brides first and middle name and the grooms full name. I assume this is because she will be taking his name. I think that is what I plan to do. I attached a pic to show you what I am talking about.

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