$57 Amazon wedding dress update

I replied to a post a few days ago that I bought a dress on Amazon for $57.  There is no need to order knockoff dresses from China that may or may not even arrive when you can get a perfectly good dress elsewhere for $57.  I can't take credit for finding the dress- it was featured on Offbeat Bride (clicky). It ships free and has free returns and is backed by Amazon's "A-Z guarantee," so I felt comfortable that this was a low-risk experiment. 

I bought this dress  for $57.  The dress goes up to a 5x (which they list as a street size 27).

It is GORGEOUS.  Yes, the satin is a little thinner than you find in a higher priced dress, but I can live with that for the price and for the only 8-10 hours I'll likely ever wear it.  The picture for the item on Amazon does NOT do it justice.  It has a very little bit of netting sewn in that gives it a little bit of "poof," and the a-line crinoline I already had worked very well under this. The sewing is quality and the boning holds up the dress very well.  It is very well-constructed especially considering the price.  It comes with spaghetti straps that you can sew on (or have sewn on), and it also comes with a matching wrap.  

I will update again with photos- I ordered the next size smaller so I can compare the two. I was in between sizes on the size chart and figured that as it's listed as a "Junior" size I should order the larger one- it would need to be taken in but I'm not sure the next size down wouldn't have to be let out so we'll see. As soon as I decide which one is THE dress I'll have pictures.

TLDR: Amazon has dresses as cheap as $57 so there is no need to go buying China knockoffs from non-reputable and unscrupulous sources. 
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Re: $57 Amazon wedding dress update

  • if you go on amazon a lot of those inexpensive dresses are in fact china knockoffs selling on ebay i went on amazon and almost every dress i saw was a china knockoff
  • I saw plenty of those before I ordered this one. Pacific Plex is a brand in California and they make clothing, shoes, and formal wear.  Their line is also sold at Sears.  I found a link to the dress through Offbeat Bride.

    I know it's not the case with every dress that's sold on ebay/ Amazon but in this case they aren't pretending this is a Mori Lee or Maggie Sottero or any other designer's dress (and as far as I can see they aren't marketing any of their offerings anywhere as such).  It's a straight cuff strapless dress with a full skirt for a great price and it's very well-made. 

    I ordered through their Amazon store because it is backed by Amazon's guarantee, had free returns, and had very consistent good reviews by purchasers that Amazon has verified purchased the product.  While I knew nothing about Pacific Plex until I did the research, I did know that I have never had a problem returning anything through Amazon.

    So yes, there are plenty of crappy dresses people can buy where they come in in unwearable condition and then the purchaser can't get their money back.  That wasn't the case here, and I figured that it would be helpful to let brides who feel they have no other options but to order some crap dress from China off of ebay know that they don't have to spend $200 on a dress they can't wear because it isn't made right, and then they can't return it or it costs $60 bucks to return it only to have the people in China tell you you aren't getting your money back.
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