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Envelopes wont stay sealed

It's about the time for me to send out our Save the Dates. I tried to seal some last night by doing what I usually do - licking them. Well I found out very quickly that they wont stay sealed that way. I tried using a glue stick but that didn't seem to work either - it is possible that the glue stick is pretty old. I don't remember when I got it.

Any ideas?

Re: Envelopes wont stay sealed

  • doeydodoeydo Southwestern Ontario
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    What about using a sticker?  
  • @Schatzi13 - it worked for gluing construction paper to a wooden shaped heart for a prop I was making for someone.

    @doeydo - Possibly

  • @Schatzi13 - FI bought a 2 pack of Elmers glue sticks and they seem to work really well. I did some envelopes last night and this afternoon they were still sealed. I am wondering if maybe they're "fancy" envelopes in terms of you can't get them wet? (Hence when I tried licking one shut - it didn't work). I am thinking the other glue stick I had was just old.
  • @Schatzi13

    I think I must have got a bad few. I finished sealing the ones I had left earlier tonight and I actually licked one to see if it would stay sealed and it did. I didn't have to use the glue stick on that one. I didn't feel like experimenting with the 60 I had to do tonight so I used the glue stick on the last 59 lol.
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