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Tent Decorations? DIY or professional?

We are having a tented reception for our May 2014 wedding outside of Philly. We've been trying to find an inexpensive way to dress up the tent. I've looked at lanterns, lighting, and that sort of thing. I am totally down with DIY but I don't want to have to hang everything myself the morning of the wedding when I should be getting ready. Any suggestions would be helpful!!

Re: Tent Decorations? DIY or professional?

  • Hire a DOC if you can afford it. Explain what you want him/her to do and ask for a quote. I would look into something simple, yet elegant like wrapping LED (others get hot and are a fire hazard) Christmas lights in tulle and attaching them from tent corner to middle of the tent ceiling. Here's an example (imagine this in a tent though):
    These people just did colored tulle and fabric - good option if you don't have electricity:
    And it looks like these people just hung a couple of chandeliers. This might be a good option if you can't afford a DOC and don't have a bunch of time to spend setting up.


  • Are you having a DJ? Did you ask him about lighting? My tent looks like that one in the last picture and the DJ is bringing the uplighting to place all around but that's all I'm doing. I think the centerpieces and everything else are pretty enough. 
  • I had a tented reception, and the lights that were included had pretty scrollwork on them. I wanted something extra, so I bought a bunch of cafe lights (the round globe bulbs) from Target and we strung them around the inside perimeter of the tent the day before. They looked really pretty once it started to get dark. I think I spent about $100 on them. Also, they were easy to string up because they had little clips every few feet, and there was thin rope that ran the length of the tent.
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