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Parking/transportation for a backyard wedding

Wondering if anyone has any experience with a (suburban) backyard ceremony (reception elsewhere)...our guest list is on the smaller side (~60) but even if people carpool from the hotel we're still looking at a lot of cars to park.  Anyone know of a way around this? I was thinking about seeing if any hotels would offer transportation over if we book a block of rooms, but with the reception offsite, that could get a bit tricky...thoughts?

Re: Parking/transportation for a backyard wedding

  • We created a parking lot on part of the yard with cones and arrows and such. It worked perfectly. If you don't have space, don't worry about it. I've definitely been to parties with 60+ people in subdivisions and people park around the block. Just let your neighbors know. (You'll want to do this regardless.)
  • I would be really annoyed at having to drive somewhere, park there, and take a shuttle. As long as there is street parking in your suburb, I think having people park there is fine. Just alert the neighbors (apology + a plate of cookies or something) and give the local police a call to see if your town has any permit requirements.
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