Looking for a good tailor in Calgary!

Alright so... I was hoping to lose 20 lbs by March... but so far all I've done is gain almost 5.  Damn Christmas and all of it's delicious temptations!  I'm still going to try and lose the 20 lbs before the wedding in September, but I have to order my dress by March, regardless.   I was HOPING I'd be able to send the seller my measurements and have them stay where they were for the months that followed (so my dress would fit perfectly) but I guess I was just dreaming!  So the plan is now to order it with the measurements I have in March and just get it taken in once I'm at my goal weight.


So if anyone can recommend a good tailor in the Calgary area (or possibly Airdrie, since my parents are there and I'll most likely have my dress delivered there) I'd really appreciate it!  I'm ordering my dress off of Etsy - it'll be custom fit to me, but with any luck I'll still lose weight after it's ordered.  Since it's a custom order the only thing that will most likely have to be done will be taking it in.



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