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'Tis the Season...BF brag

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It's Christmas Eve.  My boyfriend is off today, I am working.  I accidentally woke up late...alarm was set for PM instead of AM!  I'm rushing to get ready this morning, it had snowed a little.  I'm in the bathroom and I hear BF go downstairs...guessing he's getting a drink and going back to bed.  Then I hear him doing things...he asks me how much longer til I leave.  I said I needed to leave ASAP as I'm late.  I go downstairs and he has my lunch bag packed for me, including a drink and napkin and an ice pak...things I never even pack for myself!  And he had coffee made in my travel mug, and he had started up my car and cleaned it off for me! 

He rarely gets days this is just so nice that he woke up to do that.  He deserves to sleep in!  I'm sure he went right back to bed after I left!

Anyone else's SO being especially sweet this time of year?


Re: 'Tis the Season...BF brag

  • Hummingbird125Hummingbird125 New York
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    That is SO sweet - that's like exactly the kind of romance I enjoy! My BF has been extra-great lately too - little things like doing the dishes without me asking him to, scrubbing out the grimy bathtub, and going out to pick up an extra gift for my parents. I guess he deserves all the presents he's getting tomorrow...
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  • Oh geez, that is awesome!  I would love to see my BF scrub the bath tub!  He insists on using bar soap which creates a LOT of residue.  I try to get him to switch to the body wash but he's tried and doesn't like it. 
  • H helped out a lot the other day on Christmas Eve. I was really stressed because I had a lot I needed to get done before that evening so while I was at work, he wrapped all the gifts and did my shopping for me. I feel bad afterwards because I get really bitchy when I'm stressed and he just comes on in and fixes everything with a smile on his face.

  • PepperallyPepperally
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    I got to return the favor for my BF snowed last night and I went to work before he did, so I cleaned off both of our cars.  I'd do it more often but I'm usually rushing and can barely do mine!
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  • labrolabro Hotlanta
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    FI stood outside with the septic tank company the entire time they were there in freezing weather emptying our incredibly overfull tank (thanks a bunch previous homeowners...). He also apparently impressed them with his knowledge of septic lines and whatnot because of his years working on an excavation crew during summers inbetween college semesters to earn some extra cash because they helped us out A LOT on our final total amount due. He also helped me go through and throw out a bunch of old junk I had in storage at my parent's house. I had three and a half pretty full boxes and I was able to cut it down to two.

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