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    FI went on a ski trip with his brothers so I was alone this weekend. I had wine and watched the Tudors for awhile. A pretty mellow night! I worked the rest of the weekend and it was so busy with after holiday rushes.

    We also started roughly laying out ideas for where/when we would like to have the wedding but I feel like until we talk to his mom (apparently she has some very specific wants...oh dear) we don't want to pick anything officially.

    Liv your tattoo is incredible!
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  • @livleighton so gorgeous!  It's super awesome.
  • My weekend was uneventful.  I spent Saturday updating my new laptop before heading into work while BF was out captaining his sportfishing boat.  I spent much of yesterday doing nothing before heading to see BF before work and to snag some food from him.  Inventory went semi-smoothly last night.  I'm not the fastest counter, so of course I was keeping us behind.  Bossman tried to be nice about it today and say we were waiting on him, but it was me.  I only got a few hours of sleep last night so here's to hoping I get some more tonight.
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