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bench covers?

I am getting married at the end of September in Minnesota, outside.  The ceremony is going to be in the "amphitheater" of a state park, with all of the seating being wooden benches.  If it rains that day, we will do the ceremony under the covered picnic area where the dessert reception will be.  I'm a little concerned that if it rains in the day or two before the ceremony, the benches may still be wet.  To avoid scrambling if that happens, I was thinking of making simple fabric covers for the benches that can be put on that day to protect the bums of my guests.  The ceremony will only be about 15-20 minutes and since we're only expecting about 100 people, it's about 24 covers I'd need to make.  This would also help define where people sit since we won't have ushers and don't want to use one far set of benches. I'd also plan on making them out of a fabric that I could then turn into something we'd use. (I am trying to avoid any decorations that are only usable for the wedding.  I want things we either already own or can use after in some capacity).  I'm not concerned about padding the wooden benches.  The only older guests are our 94 year old grandmas and our 66 year old parents, who will have padded chairs.

Can you share your thoughts about the type of fabric, if I should bother (and if not, what do I do if the benches are wet that day?), or other general thoughts on the topic of covering benches in case of wetness? :)
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