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    Just went to a wedding at the zoo last summer.  It was gorgeous in the venue area.  There's lots of vertical space to fill up, though.  Tall  centerpieces and uplight will make a big impact in the space.  It's very memorable, too!  Great choice!
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    My name is Allison. I am getting married in Sioux Falls/Brandon September 15th, 2012. I just started planning, but I am struggling most with finding a DJ. My fiance and I listen to a lot of very different /alternative music, so we dont want the traditional, 'popular' wedding playlist played, but we are also hesitant about having a friend in charge of iTunes.. The Old Sanctuary Museum isn't acoustically easy to deal with- holy echos!

    We are thinking about "Oh My Cupcakes" instead of a big cake. One of my friends decorates cakes at Hy-Vee, so we are thinking about asking her to decorate a small cake for the cake cutting and 1 year anniversary stuff.

    Any suggestions??
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    Hello All. I am in Spearfish, but getting married in London, UK in 2013. It will be my 2nd wedding (first was practice.. 2nd is for real) :p  ..I know a lot of the good vendors in the Northern Hills area. So, send me a message if any of you Rapid City brides need any help. :)
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    Hi South Dakotans! 

    I am getting married in the Black Hills sometime between March and May, but the date depends on the best man's military deployment.  I think I have ideas for locations, cakes, and such...but I would like to find a reasonable florist who does great work.  Does anyone have suggestions?  

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