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Hello all,
I got engaged about a month ago and am working on a theme. My fiancee and I are both extremely outdoor people. So we want something simple and natural, but Nick (My fiancee) is a firefighter here in Rapid City. We want to include some firefighting themes into the wedding without doing a full on firefighter theme. Any ideas????

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    You could do something as simple as having the wedding colors be the same as the fire thing I just thought of that might be kind of fun but a little cheesy is if you got those "toy" firefighter hats for the whole wedding party to wear in some photos or to wear when entering the reception. But I don't know how formal your wedding is going to be. My wedding will be fairly traditional, but we're trying to think of some fun ideas to incorporate.
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    Thanks I ove the fire hat idea. Thanks! Good luck on your planning.
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    The fire hat idea is really cute! Have you decided where your ceremony will be held? If not, maybe hold it in a local park and that would be a great way to incorporate your outdoors side.

    We're doing a James Bond themed wedding with an emphasis on the Casino Royale movie. One thing that we're doing to incorporate the theme is encouraging (but not requiring) our guests to dress the part as if they were going to a classy casino or as their favorite James Bond character. So depending on how traditional your plans are, having your guests dress the part may be a fun way to incorporate your theme.
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