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I'm starting dress shopping tomorrow! My first ever appointment is at The French Door. I am soooo excited to start looking! 

What are the sample sizes are bridal shops, typically? I'm definitely not a size 6, so I'm a little nervous about trying dresses on :P

Any advice for beginning the dress journey?
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Re: The French Door

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    I haven't started looking for dresses yet, so I have no advice, but I hope you have a good time and a lot of fun!!
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    It was very fun! I was nervous, but it was great! I was surprised with how decisive I was. I didn't think I would be able to say a definite yes or no right away, but it was easy!

    Good luck once you start shopping! It's a lot of fun. Go with your gut :) 
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    If you are still looking, there is a great little store in Watertown.  They have a whole range of sizes, and the staff is really helpful and friendly.  The store is Brides Expressions.  My sister got her gown, bridesmaids, and flowers there.  She would have done tux's too, but she was getting married in Vegas, so they went a different route.  She was beyond happy with the way everything turned out.  Definitely make a point to stop if you can.  Good luck with your upcoming wedding!
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    The French Door is where I got my dress and I'm definatly not a 6 either! I ended up getting a dress from there actually.  They had lots to try on for sure. :)
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