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Accent on Events Catering?

I am thinking of using Accent on Events Catering, but first wanted to know if anyone has had any experiences with this company (your own wedding or someone else's) they could share with me? 

Re: Accent on Events Catering?

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    I tried their food at a bridal show and was dead set on using them because their food was delicious!


    They didn't return my calls for weeks and when they did, the person calling had no clue at all.  I requested a sample menu based around allergies and religious requirements of my then FI and guests.  The sample menu they created did not reflect those.  It would have killed my FI and be inedible for my father. They claimed that my Jewish father "won't even know there is pork in it".  Ridiculous!

    I went with The Holiday inn City Center and am very happy with that choice.

    3 days before our wedding, someone from Accent on Events called me asking what time they were supposed to be where.  I never contracted with them.  They obviously cannot keep their business under control.  It's a shame since their food is so good.
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