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    Our pastor did ours with us and it was about six sessions.  He was a Prepare-Enrich facilitator and I really recommend that test.  It is religious but not all of the questions are religion oriented.  The questions covered pretty much all areas of life and had specific questions like how open are you/able to talk about things and you would judge both yourself and your FI so you could see how your answers lined up.  He also had us read The Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller which was really good.

  • Our pastor is doing ours. I wasn't completely comfortable with that until I learned that his background is in counseling, I think even marriage and family counseling, though he isn't certified. He does know his limitations and can refer us out to a certified therapist, which he already has for one of those questionnaire assessments.

    If you or your pastor isn't comfortable and confident having him do the pre-marital counseling, he probably has come up against this before and has some recommendations.
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    I just googled premarital counseling with my zip code and a bunch of great stuff came up. Hopefully you'll have similar results if you try that. Good luck!
    Thanks!  I've been doing some Googling on this, and I just keep getting officiants.  
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  • We just took the FOCCUS test which was really interesting we had fun with it actually, our priest required us to read two different book compatability and marriage.  We are doing our pre-cana session in April.  I really like that we are doing these things even though the church requires us to.
    May I ask what the books are titled?
    The Hard Questions by Susan Piver was the other book


  • We had our first session last night and it was great! Our counselor was awesome and my FI went from super stressed about it to totally relaxed and not wanting to stopping talking.

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