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Eau Claire brides/residents

MobKazMobKaz Chicago suburbs member
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Hi~We are attending a wedding in Eau Claire this summer.  The recommended hotel (as we are from out of town), and the one in which the reception is being held is The Plaza Hotel and Suites on Clairemont.

Some of the reviews I have been reading make me very leery about booking rooms there.  Does anyone from this board have any current and/or first hand knowledge/information?  Many of the poor reviews have to do specifically with renovations that are being done.  Are those renovations completed now?  Is there anything better that is in the immediate area?

Thanks so much for any information you can provide.

Re: Eau Claire brides/residents

  • I went to college up there.  There are hotels on Craig Road (Holiday Inn, Hampton Inn) - only a couple blocks from the Plaza.
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  • I'm standing up in a wedding in the next couple of weeks and the reception is at the Plaza and I will be staying there---I'll let you know! :)
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  • MobKazMobKaz Chicago suburbs member
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    Sarnoon~~Thank you SO much!  I am freaking out here.  The reviews just get worse and worse.  I have seen good reviews for the Grand Stay Residential Suites and the Country Inn and Suites, but they are considerably more expensive (I need 3 rooms for 2 nights each) and obviously there is no wedding discount offered.  I am also panicked because apparently there is some annual country-fest/concert the same weekend and hotels are booking up like crazy!!

    Anyone else that can help, it is MOST appreciated.  I understand that more often than not, the complainers are more likely to post reviews than those who had a good experience, but reading about bugs in beds, paper thin walls, smelly rooms, etc....too much for me!!
  • The Plaza hotel has been around forever.  If you are worried about spending more money, staying there is fine.  It's on a main road in EC and since it's country fest weekend here, the police will be around if something does happen.  However I never hear of anything happening at the Plaza so you shouldn't be worried about it.  I stayed there about five years ago for a wedding and it was just fine to sleep there.  When you call, just ask them about the complaints online.  But I would book fast as it's gets crazy busy up here during Country Fest.  I wish I had a straight answer for you, but overall you will be safe if you stay at the Plaza. Hope this helps a little.  I live in EC so if you have any other questions just ask!
  • I graduated from UWEC fairly recently... the Plaza is okay, but it's a bit old. when UWEC dorms get too full, they use the hotel as overflow lodging. I'm unsure if they have students living here currently, but as of 2-6 years ago they did. There's a Holiday Inn essentially across the street (about 2 blocks away?) that has a Green Mill attached. I liked this hotel much better. If you want classy and/or an indoor water park, try the Metropolis is nice (but a bit more pricey). The park is an additional fee, but is fun for kids. The hotel itself is really nice, new, and not kitchy. Good luck - hope this helped!
  • Hello again!  So, there are def. college students up on the higher levels being boarded at the Plaza, just as an FYI.  The pricier rooms by the atrium and the lower levels are the nicer ones, and def. the route to go if you're going to stay there.  Yes, it is def. an older hotel, but is still decent---I don't really have any complaints----the wedding I stood up in was very nice and the hall was nice.  

    I do agree with above---the Holiday Inn is close to the Plaza and is a bit newer.   

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  • MobKazMobKaz Chicago suburbs member
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    Thank you for your response. Because the wedding is in the summer, hopefully the issue regarding students will be a non-issue. I did heed your advice; we booked rooms in the "tower". My understanding is that this section of the hotel was recently renovated. Would you happen to know if there are any nice spas in the immediate area? It might be fun to have pedi's or have our make up done. Thanks again for the feedback.
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