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Decently priced church for ceremony - Cincinnati?

Hello- I am looking for a church in Cincinnati to hold my ceremony at that isn't going to break the bank. Does anyone know of any churches in Cincinnati that aren't like $1,000.00 to do a wedding ceremony? Thanks!!

Re: Decently priced church for ceremony - Cincinnati?

  • CMGragainCMGragain member
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    Most churches do not allow weddings to be held in their sanctuary unless the couple's beliefs are the same as the church.  Some will allow outsider's weddings, but for a substantial fee.  Counseling by the pastor is often a requirement, and there will be a fee for that, too. $1000 is not outrageous for a non-member church wedding.
    Why do you want to be married in a church?  What is your church affiliation?
  • I attend a church and am a member however they charge $675 for wedding ceremonies. My church affiliation is that I attend church weekly and I would like to be married in a church.

    My reception venue will do my ceremony there for like $300 I would just prefer a church.

  • $675 isn't a bad price, especially if it includes pre-marriage counseling (which is always a good idea.)  Churches have a lot of expenses to meet.  In my own church, it can cost several hundred dollars for heat. electricity, and janitor services alone.
    When I asked you about your church affiliation, I meant your denomination.  Some denominations are more open to outsiders than others.
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