St Thomas - Pineapple Village?

The hubby and I are planning an anniversary trip for this summer! St Thomas is one of many locations we are considering. I have a friend from college who lives there and suggested Pineapple Village Condos. Has anyone stayed there? Is not, any other hotels/resorts/condos to suggest? Coming from Kansas City, MO and would like to be under $4,000 for flight and lodging.  Thanks!

Re: St Thomas - Pineapple Village?

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    Pineapple Village places themselves are fine.  However, the resort that is on the same beach has been dessert for a while now.  Jimmy Buffet is suppose to be re-opening the place.  I just haven't been there in a few years to know if they have started work yet. (I know it's not re-open yet though, so pretty run down).   The beach there is just so-so.

    On a budget try Sapphire Village.   They are studio and 1 bedroom condos on a marina. There is a pool and a small restaurant.  The beach is just the other side of the marina (very short walk).   It's also really close to Red Hook which has the St John ferry, bars and restaurants and another marina.

    Good  luck.

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