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Invite Dilemma! Please help.

I fell in love with the invitations below, found on etsy, however they are around $6/piece - which is wayy out of my budget.
I would need to order around 100 invitations.  I don't want to spend more than $250-300.  I figured the DIY route would be best and recreate these, but the glitter paper is around $1 per 12x12 sheet - - by the time you add up the costs of invites plus 2 inserts, it gets crazy.
So then I figured I would do a print at home kit ... but I can't find any I like.  I did purchase a kit SEE HERE (sparkly/glitter) but it seems so cheap/flimsy when I opened it up .... Im so stuck, IDK what to do!  

I see Ann's bridal bargains have some good deal on invites - anyone order there? are they nice?
Any other ideas?
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Re: Invite Dilemma! Please help.

  • I like this set HERE, but it doesn't come with any inserts ... so I'm thinking well maybe I could make my own inserts, but then what if they don't match well enough, and still again, the glitter paper is like $1/sheet ... *sigh* 
  • misshart00misshart00 Oklahoma
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    Could you get some paper that looks like glitter but isn't actually glitter?
  • Try a similar design from Vistaprint, and then add the glitter yourself.
  • sarahuflsarahufl New York
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    wait for the Michaels/Hobby Lobby weekly coupons?
  • sarahufl said:
    wait for the Michaels/Hobby Lobby weekly coupons?
    I'd have to buy like 30 sheets of the paper ..... 1 sheet at a time, with coupon would be quite tedious! LOL
  • benaisy3 said:
    sarahufl said:
    wait for the Michaels/Hobby Lobby weekly coupons?
    I'd have to buy like 30 sheets of the paper ..... 1 sheet at a time, with coupon would be quite tedious! LOL
    At Michaels/JoAnn's -their speciality paper goes on sale at least once a month at 1/2 price or more. They both stock glitter paper packs you can buy that are much less than the open stock too. Or, just about every-other-week, they have a 40% off everything coupon (regular price) or 25% off everything, including sale items.  

    This is how I bought all my paper for my invites, menus, programs, etc. You could also replace the glitter card stock with pearl paper/stock for a very similar look for less $$. So figuring in the reduced cost of paper, is it worth it to re-create the invites yourself? They do take a lot of time, more than you would expect. But you get exactly what you want.
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  • My FI and I went thru our local stores -Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and JoAnns and could not find the silver glitter paper in bulk.  :(

  • I am attempting to make my own invitations next week.  Try Paper Source (an online company for wholesale paper supplies).  Their card stock is incredibly reasonable and you can order matching envelope matching envelopes. For 220 sheets of paper (want to mount cardstock to the back to affix the ribbon and lace) with the envelopes, it will cost $100.  the ribbon will be the most expensive.  Also try "minted" for more simple invitations.  I would ask this person on etsy for a quote for the original ones (Some sellers will charge you less if you order a lot of invitations).  Price out the costs of DIYing it.  I may be more expensive.  I plan on pricing all of my lace, ribbon, card stock, printing fees, and envelopes and figuring out which is the least expensive... and if it is worth the time and energy.  Good luck.
  • Definitely check out Hobby Lobby.  They rotate what's on sale each week and I bought about 50 sheets of the 12x12 scrapbook paper (enough for 100 invitations and inserts) for about $20!
  • LondonLisaLondonLisa London, UK
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    Also remember, just because this is a common mistake: you don't need 1 invite per person. So if you are inviting 100 people, you may only need about 60 invites because of couples.

    I'm sure you have your figures right, I just wanted to share as I made that mistake at first when I was looking at invites!

    PP have said, look at craft stores, DIY some glitter on a belly band, stay away from anything labelled wedding or bridal- they tend to be way over priced.

    If you are just using it as a decoration between 2 pieces of card, look at nice wrapping paper (they often have glittery ones). A friend did this with vintage maps wrapping paper and it looked fab!
  • this isn't cardstock but maybe something like this would work?  http://www.paperandmore.com/product/1808/11x17-silver-metallic-paper-81lb-text  
  • I need 95 invites, so I need about 120 sheets for invites, placecards, table numbers, and maybe thank you notes, and spare for any other DIY project I may be considering.
  • I know it's not the type of invite in the OP, but I purchased these ones HERE for a STEAL! and I am sure you could DIY some glitter or embellishments onto them for a little pa-zazz!
  • It'd add a step to the DIY process, but if you can find plain paper you like for a good price they make spray on glitter.  That way you could add glitter to the plain paper without having to pay so much.  

    I don't know if this will work for your design and color scheme - but one trick I came up with for my invites to save a bit of money was to buy one of the value packs that has lots of different paper colors, but where all the colors are part of the color scheme for my wedding.  I only needed 1 pack for $20 and I figure I'll be pretty much the only one who knows they're different from each other cuz no one will ever see them all together.  But that plan only works if you're willing to incorporate lots of different colors.
  • Ok, so I gotta admit I posted my last comment without looking at the picture of the card carefully, and to replicate that card my spray on glitter plan would totally fail.  How about glitter ribbon on the outside? You could even place that second pink cardstock layer overlapping it a bit so you get the same layered effect.  If you can get a good price on the ribbon it could be a good way to do it
  • princessleia22princessleia22 Oceanfront Property in Arizona
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    You may also want to consider metallic shimmer paper rather than actual glitter paper. It would be cheaper, you can find it in bulk packs, and it's not as messy. Honestly, I hate getting glitter cards in mail because they always make a mess and I'm cleaning up glitter for weeks. It wouldn't have exact same look but it would be close. Maybe buy some shimmer paper to do a mock up and see if you like it.  But if you really want glitter paper, I would definitely suggest diy glitter to save cost.

    My sister found some shimmer pocket invites she liked on etsy, but they cost $6 each... since I'm the crafty one in the family I decided to make them for her and they cost me about $1.70 each to make. And we found a font she liked better and were able to customize them a bit more.


  • Michael's has an app- every week they refresh the coupons- they often have 25% off your entire purchase including sale items (I've seen a paper copy in a few wedding magazines too!)- if you could pair that for when they have their glitter scrapbook paper on sale- you should be able to get it pretty cheap : )
  • Lolo8383 said:
    No matter what you go for, be careful with your sizing! 12x12 paper is way more expensive than 8.5x11, but you probably won't want 12x12 paper unless you're making square invites. And definitely never buy unpatterned paper by the sheet when you're making things in bulk! You really need to work the process backwards though. This is the process I use for making my Christmas cards every year:
    1. Decide on your envelope size first. Square envelopes cost more to mail. A9 is a common envelope size (8 3/4" x 5 5/8"), and fits an 8.5x11 sheet cut (or folded, although that = more weight) in half.
    2. Use the size of your envelopes to create a mockup of your invitations, making the most efficient use of your paper. You can do this with plain cut up sheets of copy paper, just being sure to write each dimension on it to keep track. 
    3. If you use 5.5x8.5 as your back (cut 2 from each 8.5x11 with no waste), you can layer a 4x6 sheet of pink on top of that (get 6 from a 12x12 with no waste). Then you'd need 50 sheets of 8.5x11 glitter (sold here for 27.25) and 17 12x12 pink (sold here in a pack of 25 for 5.75). 
    4. Print your wording on regular white copy paper, cut slightly smaller than your pink paper. You don't need to worry as much about waste there because it's cheap (or free if you print at work, I won't tell).
    That gets enough paper for 100 invitations for $33 plus tax and shipping. Buy your ribbon in bulk yardage to save money (calculate out as much as you need - use a string in your mockup to see how long of a piece you need), and tie in a bow instead of using the rhinestone piece which will be pricey, and add a lot of weight to your final piece which could mean higher postage. 


    This is probably the best advice I have ever seen! must remember to do this when it comes time to do my invites.

  • Thank you for posting this! I just decided to purchase my invites from amazon.com! $15 for a set of 25 invites that include reply cards, direction card, menu card, etc.!!!!! Cant believe it! Awesome!
  • Actually I just purchased my invitations from DAvidsbridal.com and got 125 invitations for under $200 ($178 to be exact) and I received them on Monday and am very pleased with the results. I also opted to do my RSVP cards myself using a business card template and customized it then had it printed at Staples for $1.20 per sheet (since I had 6 cards per sheet and printed 25 sheets that only came up to approx $15)
    With Davids you also get the option of having a sample mailed to you for free before deciding on your paper size and designs which I did.
    Hope this helps
  • I ordered all my paper from LCI... they have paper that looks sparkly and it was way cheaper than Michaels! They also have kits to make the kind of invite you like
  • www.invitationsbydawn.com is a good website to check for invites. I got my save the dates there & my wedding invites. They have tons to choose from & they are really good quality!
  • Don't forget to ask around for local grpahic designers. We used one locally and got the invites designed by them for a great price. Then- because they order from the same printer we got to access their huge printing discounts. Perhaps even reach out on Facebook to get a "who knows who" or local graphic designers. Sometimes the girl/guy down the road that doesnt have a big shop has the best designs and prices.
    For 80 invites we only spent a total of $160.00 and that included the invite, response card, envelopes, design, and the stamps.
  • I ordered my invitations from MagnetStreet.com 
    They have tons of layouts and different styles, plus you can personalize them with your own colors and words and such. I am in love with mine! They weren't expensive at all either. I spent $230 for save the date magnets, invitations, enclosure cards, envelopes, labels, seals, and favor tags.
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  • Try www.theamericanwedding.com  They have tons of options to choose from, and if you register they send emails every 2 weeks for between 20-40% off your order.   They have some really high quality invites.  I was able to get 100 invites (including extra envelopes, return addresses printed on the envelopes, thermography printing, response cards, reception cards, and direction cards)  all for under $300.  
  • Thanks for the feedback everyone! Lots of ideas to consider :)
  • SammiNJonniSammiNJonni
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    Check Amazon for bulk glitter card stock. a 12x12 piece would get you 3 invites if cut perfectly. They sell it in 20 packs so you would need 2-3 packs depending on how many other items you want to use the glitter on.

    ETA: 3 5x7 invites
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  • Check out you're the bride.com. We just got ours from them, and Tracie is awesome! We got 100 invitations, RSVP's and reception cards for $260. They had a promo running so I also got free lined inner envelopes, and also got return addresses printed on response envelopes. Turnaround time was great too!
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