Maui - Catering Suggestions?

Hey there! 

I'm planning a private estate wedding, and hoping to bring in a fun and local catering company - does anyone have any suggestions? I've read from several threads that Food for the Soul is great, but I'm open to other ideas as well. 

A company that also provides rentals (tables/chairs, etc.) would be great as well. 


Re: Maui - Catering Suggestions?

  • We are using Cafe O Lei for our catering.  We also checked out Aloha Events but they were a bit higher priced. I'm not sure if either of them provide rentals, but the food sounds amazing! 



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  • Thanks for the recommendations! I was hoping to check out the menus/details for at least a few.  Cafe O'Lei definitely has the best name... :) 

    Stacey - are you getting married soon in Hawaii? I'm on the hunt for some current advice.

  • @sallskiroo

    We are getting married in October on Maui - so fairly soon.  Would be happy to help - just DM me your questions.  I have no problem sharing the quotes I received too.

  • We are getting married next year and have chosen Food For The Soul.  The prices include all of the rentals (tables, chairs, plates, glasses etc...).  The menu looks great and they are amazing to work with.  So far it's been a great experience and I would completely recommend them!

  • I'm also happy to share any information you want.  Just let me know :-)

  • Kimberly! That's who I'm working with to get a quote too! I love how rentals are included as well - so easy! 
  • I'm going to recommend Aloha Events. They were awesome to work with!

    My now DH and I did a tasting at Food For the Soul and Aloha Events.We liked both, but personally preferred Aloha Events. I'd also be happy to answer questions as well!
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    I'm getting married in October on Maui too! How crazy is that? Same name, same month! :) BTW: Do you have contact info for Cafe O Lei?
  • Hi other Stacey! :) Where are you getting married? We just had our tasting last week at Café O Lei and it was AMAZING.  Seriously, everything was so delicious.  Very happy with our decision to go with them for catering.

    Here's the info - We are working with the owner Dana Pastula.



  • Aloha, I was also in search of an all inclusive catering service. My suggestion would be Three's Bar & Grill in Kihei. We recently put down a deposit with them for our upcoming wedding. Good Luck.
  • Hi there-
    We used Food for the Soul and couldn't have been happier.
    Food was delicious and Tina was fantastic to work with!
    We also worked with Tina as our overall coordinator-- great price-- bc our venue (Sugarman Estate) wouldn't rent to us without one. 
    Congrats and enjoy every minute!
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