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I am totally new to this and a bit overwhelmed.  
We are looking at Maui (Wailea or Lahaina) or Kauai (Poipu) for March 2015.  There is so much information on-line and I keep going in circles.  Does anyone have any tips or suggestions for either island?  There will be between 20 and 30 guests.  

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  • Hi Kimberly!  I can probably help with some suggestions for Maui - we took a trip to visit my family on Oahu in December and stopped over on Maui as well to check out some venues.  We picked Olowalu Plantation House for our wedding in October but seriously considered Sugar Beach Estate in Kihei.  We also looked at Merriman's, Sugarman Estate and Makena Resort.  All were beautiful but ultimately we liked the privacy and setting at Olowalu, as well as the ability to make it our own.  I would probably narrow down your list based on the type of setting you picture for your big day - estate vs. resort vs. restaurant.  If you'd rather not deal with a lot of the logistics (or hire a wedding coordinator to do it for you), then resort or restaurant is probably easier.  Hope this helps!
  • I'm originally from Kauai, in Poipu check out the Grand Hyatt Kauai. My sister had her (first) wedding ceremony there and I'm possibly attending another one there in the summer, it is beautiful. I was in my sister's wedding and I remember it was seamless, didn't have people from the hotel wandering into your wedding, an overall good experience. She splurged on the ceremony and then had the reception at a bigger venue (a neighborhood center) because we have a huge family. The Sheraton Kauai resort is also very nice . The two are the major resort hotels in Poipu and both are gorgeous. Start there. 

  • Awesome.  Thanks for the suggestions!
  • Let us know what you find out or decide on! :-) 
  • I visited and fell in love with Kauai about a year ago. We recently got engaged and are looking at Kauai for 2015 as well (though a different month).  The south shore area (near Poipu) should be lovely in March.  

    Definitely check out the Grand Hyatt in Kauai.

    Also look at The Beach House.  It's a restaurant right on the ocean with a gorgeous lawn adjacent to the beach and they host weddings there. 

    There are also some gorgeous botanical gardens in Kauai that I believe host weddings including the National Botanical Gardens.
  • I was married last month at the Grand Hyatt Kauai and it was simply spectacular! We had 49 people, and everything was even better than expected!  Ella & Brenda, the coordinators, are incredible! Every detail & wish was fulfilled & more!  I used Images by Liz for the most amazing photographs and Zest Kauai for videographer.  I would HIGHLY recommend both of them!  The flowers were beyond amazing and would highly recommend Laureen at Florescence Floral Designs.  She took our ideas & turned them into something so special!  All of them made the planning easy & we got to enjoy our special day! 
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