Lois Hiranaga Floral Design , Maui

We are looking into using this florist for our wedding in June at the Kannapali Beach Hotel. Does anyone have any ex Experience with her? We are on a tight budget and this is who the hotel said they work with.

Re: Lois Hiranaga Floral Design , Maui

  • I just started working with Lois at the recommendation of my wedding coordinator.  I get the impression that she is not cheap, but I haven't gotten an official quote yet.  I can keep you posted once I hear back from her.  My wedding coordinator said she was "moderately" priced vs. a couple of other florists that were described as "lower to moderately" priced.

  • OK, I got a quote from Lois and it was pretty expensive.  DM me if you want more specifics...
  • We just got married in Maui on March 14 and we used Lois as our florist.  My wedding planner gave me a list of florists and Lois was listed as "moderately priced."  While yes it maybe was a little more expensive than the same thing would have been on the mainland, I was very impressed with her work.  She did our bouquets, leis, centerpieces, and cake flowers, and everything was amazing quality! Also when she delivered everything, there had been a delay in setting up due to a bit of rain, so she returned later to arrange everything, and then stopped in to see me to make sure I was satisfied with everything.   I would definitely recommend her!  Hope that helps!
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