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June 2014 Weddings

What did you get done today?

FiancBFiancB MinnesOOOta member
500 Love Its 1000 Comments Second Anniversary Name Dropper
I thought it would be fun to start a thread where we share the little things we check off the list as we go. I went a long time without doing anything wedding related and am now sort of playing catch up.

Today I ordered prints of pictures of us to include with invitations. We didn't do engagement shots or save the dates, but we did take some cute pics ourselves the day that he proposed and thought it would be fun to send some along. There's a site that's highly recommended among photographers for print quality and price so today I finally got around to ordering some prints from them. I'm hoping by the time they get here I'll be ready to send off invitations. 

I also got hit with sudden inspiration and wrote... something. I'm not sure if it's a reading or what I'll base our vows off of or what. But I had to sit down and write it and now it's a page long. Brevity is not my strong suit!

How about you?

Re: What did you get done today?

  • We sent invitations out!!!

    Also, we finally chose the reading for the ceremony. Our groomsmen called at night and let us know they were getting fitted. Unfortunately, one of them is too large for the suit we chose, so we have to find a new one.
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  • I haven't been doing much for the wedding per se this weekend.  The Mod Bachelorette in Vegas is in just a few days (eeekkk!) and I have been trying to get ready for that.  I did get my hair extensions from Sally's and had to spend a few hours cutting them into pieces and  sewing on the little combs.  I have long hair, but it is fine and I need a few filler pieces for the hair style I want.  On Wednesday, my and the extra hair is getting cut and dyed.  I'll use a few pieces of extensions for my bouffant hair for Vegas, so I needed to get that all done.

    I also had my first make up trial that I hated.  Ended up going to Sephora on Friday and loved what the lady did there.  I hired her on the spot and spent too much money on makeup.

    So, just a lot real girly stuff this weekend which is really strange for me.  I usually have a power tool or glue gun in my hand rather than hair and makeup.

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  • Yesterday we had pre-cana today we are going to get FI's wedding band and later on I'm going to try to paint the mailbox we are using for our card box.


  • I got the rest of our invitations sent out (and got two response cards back!), had a dress fitting, scheduled my bridal portrait session, got my wedding party gifts in, had my first hair trial (love it!), had our cake tasting which was delicious, and did some work on our centerpieces (I'm making them). I'm really proud of how much I got done this weekend. If only every day was this productive!
  • Invites went out and I met with our officiant to go over the structure of the ceremony...only 2 months to go!!!!
  • We didn't get any wedding stuff done this weekend, but I did turn over all our graden beds, we finished painting our bedroom, and built a dresser so it was a productive Sunday.

    Invites did go out last week.  We have a spot for song requests, and I'm getting some crazy messages from friends with what they are coming up for song requests.  I did warn everyone I get final veto on their crazy ideas.

  • anm2nanm2n member
    First Anniversary First Comment
    My mom is doing most of the work. She sent out invites this weekend...2 months for me:)
  • 2 months from today for me...I didn't do anything this weekend except talk to lots of women about how excited we all are that my bridal shower is this coming Saturday. :) I'm pretty caught up but all I can say right now is...Is it time to get married yet??
  • I got my dress fitted today!  All it needs is hemming and bustling, so it's not too intensive, but it's that one BIG detail that I kept thinking "Oh geez, I don't have that done yet!" 

    I also nagged my bridesmaids into getting their dresses (The groomsmen got fitted for their tuxes without nagging, why'd the girls need nagging?) Bought the bridesmaids presents, had my fiance get his groomsmen presents, decided on cake flavor and number of sugar free cupcakes for diabetic guests, and *almost* finished making my brooch bouquet.  I've nearly got everything done.   
  • My bridal shower was Saturday! Spent the rest of the weekend finishing assembling the invitations (they will go out this weekend), picking up the flower girl's dress, and starting my thank-you cards from the shower. Only 60 days left!!
  • I got a couple things done last week. 

    I sent invitations early in the week because frankly, I can't wait! Plus my wedding block at the hotel releases 3 weeks before the event so I want to ensure everyone who wants a room will have ample time to book. Must admit, I LOVE opening rsvp cards...so far only one decline, but I while I remembered to send this family an invite, I forgot to add them to the list so their decline isn't affecting my preliminary head count :)

    I also bought my shoes. The ones I want are $150 but FMIL is super crafty so I bought $20 shoes (BIG sale) and she's going to make them for me. The picture is the inspiration shoe. They'll match my garters and coordinate with the groom's cake. Best part is that since J is a foot taller than I am, my shoes will put at a better height next to him.

    ~*~June 21, 2014~*~

  • I feel very accomplished today. I called around and got some quotes from different venues FI and I are considering for the rehearsal dinner, and I am going in for my hair trial this evening. I'm so excited!
  • I ordered our thank you cards off of vistaprint, wrote the deposit for the cookie table, and uh booked our honeymoon hotel for this past weekend instead of our honeymoon..... My work is driving my mind crazy :/ at least they only charged $65 for not showing up.... I had no idea until they emailed me to rate my stay.. uhhhh what stay..
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  • muenginerdmuenginerd member
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    edited April 2014

    I had another fitting yesterday and met with my stylist tonight to get hair styles ready for the wedding. We also sent the remaining guys to get measured for their suits. Things are getting done :)

    Outside of wedding stuff, I went back to the hospital to visit MIL. She's been in there since 3/17 battling an infected wound. We got word today she will be released at the earliest second week of May, only to be restricted to home and still coming to the hospital daily for treatments. She broke down crying about how she's going to miss the shower and the wedding. It completely broke my heart and I started crying and promising her we are not going to have any events without her there....even if I have to sneak her out of the hospital myself.

  • FiancBFiancB MinnesOOOta member
    500 Love Its 1000 Comments Second Anniversary Name Dropper
    I think I have invites finalized but I can't figure out how to print them to my liking so I will take them in somewhere tomorrow. 
  • I felt so productive this weekend!  I had my shower on the 5th and we finished thank you cards.  I went for my first fitting yesterday and left my gown with the seamstress.  EEK! That was exciting getting to put on my dress again!

    FI and I had our engagements taken with our photographer and had an awesome time.  So glad we switched from our bargain bin one to our new one.  We were so much more comfortable with our new photographer that FI was joking around and doing silly poses when normally he's a wallflower and won't say a word if he doesn't feel comfortable.  I also put the deposit down on the hairdresser!  I'm getting so excited. :)
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  • This past weekend I had mt first dress fitting and we ordered my wedding band!


  • My veil came in this weekend.  I ordered it from Etsy so there is always that bit of fear not seeing it in person.  But it came in, and it was absolutely perfect!

    My wedding band is in!  So excited I was without my ring 8 weeks while they worked on the band, happy to have it back.  The two plain bands will be cut back and the ring soldered together before the ceremony so it will just have the diamonds wrap around the band.  FI designed this and did a great job!



  • FiancBFiancB MinnesOOOta member
    500 Love Its 1000 Comments Second Anniversary Name Dropper
    edited April 2014
    Yesterday I FINALLY got my invites printed off. It cost more than I would've liked but there were a few things that weren't quite right that the print shop was very helpful with fixing, which wouldn't have been the case at Office Max or whatever so yeah. Just glad to be done.


    Invites have been a huge freaking hassle and WAY more expensive than they should've been. They are basically the simplest and most expensive DIY invites in history. Gah! Huge PITA and money pit.

    And I just ordered a rental dress for my shower next weekend, along with a dress to wear at someone else's wedding this weekend. Gonna look sexay!
  • melbensomelbenso Hoth, apparently member
    500 Love Its 500 Comments Third Anniversary First Answer
    Ordered my wedding ring yesterday. Dress fitting is next week.  About 1/3 of our RSVPs have come in - most of those from family and wedding party members.

    Can't believe it's going by so quickly.
  • ShellD13ShellD13 Can't get there from here member
    Fourth Anniversary 100 Love Its 100 Comments Name Dropper
    We got our marriage license today!
  • I dropped vases off at my florist and we applied for our marriage license this morning.  Today my plan is to try to create our menu template.


  • I'm taking the day off today...I think I'm beginning to stress out about ridiculous things that really don't matter but are annoying the hell out of me. For example, when FI asked his mom why she hadn't sent in her RSVP yet, she said she didn't plan to because she wants to keep the RSVP card and the stamped envelope. He told her we have extras and could just replace the one she sends in but apparently that's not good enough. I know it doesn't really matter but it's just the formality of it all. My parents had no problem sending their RSVP back so I guess that's why I'm frustrated.


  • I've been out of wedding mode for a while now.  I was in Vegas last week (bachelorette followed by a conference) and now I'm knew deep in pink & yellow planning my niece's baby shower which is this Sunday.  I spent the evening making a 4-tier diaper cake that is uber cute. 

    Once May hits, I'll be back in full wedding mode for the final stretch.  I still can't believe it is this close, finally!
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  • Last night I found a dress for the RD! I ordered something for my bridesmaids gifts, we decided on a song for our video recap for the videographer.  Over the weekend we got food and stuff for the out of town bags for the hotel, got snacks for the limo and plates, napkins, cups ect for the hospitality suite.  The hair clip I ordered to match my dress also arrived. 


  • Received the bridesmaids gifts in the mail yesterday and finished assembling our invites (mailing them today!) We missed the 8 week prior mail date by one day, but I don't think it will be a problem. 
  • My mom mailed the invitations for me today! EEK! I'm now in "panic mode", hoping that everything was written properly, spelled right, assembled, and stamped, stressing over the etiquette of each and every word/phrase, and worrying about "what if they get lost in the mail?!" 

    59 days. *deep breath*

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  • Last weekend, I got all my centerpieces done (*insert deep sigh of relief*), ordered everything we still needed to order from online, got my girls' robes monogrammed, got about 20 response cards back and checked them off the list, scheduled my bridal portraits and hair trial, found and bought my RD dress, went with our flower girl and her mom to find a dress and got that taken care of, and we met with our officiant. Now I'm focused on a birthday party for my younger brother on Friday, bridal showers Saturday and Sunday, and picking up my dress from alterations on Monday, and then some time this week we're going to check out the house that we're probably moving into after the wedding. It's all coming together!
  • I'm finishing sealing the envelopes of our invites right now, so I can drop them off at the post office tomorrow. We find out next Tuesday where fiance's job will be after the wedding, so a lot of other plans can fall into place then (once we know if we will be moving before the wedding or not!).
  • Last week I mailed the invites, the RSVP's are trickling in
    Finalizing our ephoto shoot pics into a guestbook this week.
    Dress fitting is Saturday.
    Confirmed details with jeweler and ordered FI wedding band that he picked out today.
    Finally nailed down who will be our ushers last week.

    Need to:
    finalize our music selections for ceremony
    work on our music preferences and do not play for reception, also pick first dance song, etc
    assemble favors
    figure out transportation
    make escort cards
    assemble/decorate card box with the ribbon I bought
    other random details include buying out new dressers/furn for bedroom before FI moves in after the wedding, getting marriage license, take shoes to a cobbler to get extra hole punched in the straps,finalize details with vendors, etc, etc, etc, etc.

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