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Vendor Reviews for Budget Wedding (Under $9k for 120 guests)

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Venue: The Newland Barn, Huntington Beach, CA
4/5 - I honestly really loved the venue, and I'm super happy that we went with it. The road noise isn't really an issue; I was too busy to even notice any at all. Plenty of room for my 120 guests, with seating outside on the lawn. The reason I give it 4 instead of 5 is because the parking lot is very much an eye sore, and can be seen in a lot of pictures. Also, it is a city owned venue, so it needs a lot of decorative touches to hide its blemishes, and you have to do everything yourself. That's a lot harder than it sounds, haha.

Lighting: De-lighted
4/5 - Super responsive, very accomodating, and very budget friendly. She is totally willing to work with your budget, so don't hesitate to ask for a better rate! 4 only because we had a little scare two days before the wedding, where the monogram gobo was not made, seemed frazzled. She quickly fixed this, and had the gobo ready on our wedding day. (Lanterns made by me)

2/5 - Quotes are comparable to other rental companies in the area, if not less. However, we paid extra for a Sunday delivery and setup, but they only set up the tables and left. All the up-lights and amplifiers were left in a corner with no extension cords, so we were limited on our placement. I had drafted a full diagram of the venue, indicating were all the tables, chairs, lights, and sound should be set up. We were also told it would take 4 hours for setup, so we had to change our cocktail hour to accommodate this. They called us 2 hours before our scheduled delivery time (we rent the venue by the hour) to let us know they were almost at the venue. It only took them less than an hour to set up the tables and be gone, which is why we wanted them to come later and set up the tables during the cocktail hour so there wouldn't be tables everywhere during the ceremony. So, had to change time schedule, tables in the way during the ceremony when they didn't have to be, and did not set up any electronics leaving us to figure it out ourselves with no extension cords.

Catering: The Burnt Truck
5/5 - The BEST food truck ever. They make sliders that everyone loved. We had the classic cheeseburger, the PB&J, and the fried chicken (which is our FAVORITE!). Super super affordable. Great communication. Everything was perfect! They even provided drinks!

Photography: A Shutter in Time
5/5 - Amazing!! Incredibly accommodating of our budget, and worked out a deal where she would just give us the raw images, and I would edit it myself. She directed everyone and actually made my day of schedule with me! So helpful, and very passionate about photography. We ended up with pictures that look like I paid thousands for! Can't thank her enough. Feel free to e-mail me to see some pictures or if you have any questions about Photoshop!

Photobooth: PhotoMoto Media
5/5 - Couldn't be happier with PhotoMoto Media! They were super affordable, and I have a great scrapbook of all my guests!! Honestly, it was so much fun going through our scrapbook on our wedding night. There were a million props, and a few people there to make sure everything went smoothly, and in case anyone needed help. Showed up on time, setup quickly, and uploaded all the pictures too! I highly recommend them!

5/5 - The absolutely BEST cake. Everyone raved about how good it was! We ended up getting a small two tier cake for us to cut, and then a large sheet cake for everyone else. Cut the cost down by a bunch. They were very open about pricing, and advice on how to save money. Amazing to work with, and super nice!! Also, that's buttercream, NOT fondant! DELICIOUS.

Florist: Love N Bloom
5/5 - Very responsive, and very affordable. I sent some images of what I wanted, and asked for a cheaper version, and they delivered! The flowers turned out beautiful, and looked like I spent way more. Super friendly every time we went in! 

Hair/Make-up: Jessica Hughes
5/5 - She showed up early, did a great job on my hair and make up, and the best part was that it lasted ALL day, even though it was an outdoor wedding. I never got greasy or creases, and it photographed perfectly. It looked super natural too; not too heavy, but enough. Best part was the price!

Everything else was pretty much DIY. Email me if you want to see pictures :)

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