Estes Park Elopement

My FI have ditched all the wedding fluff, and we are eloping (just the 2 of us) to Estes Park.  I would love any feedback about lovely inns to stay, great places to eat.  Also, we are strongly considering using Marry Me in CO to take care of the elopement package.  They really seem knowledgeable and experienced in this area.

Re: Estes Park Elopement

  • If you are still looking for information, I would look into the following:

    • Baldpate Inn - Tucked away from town but close to hiking and one of the entrances to Rocky Mountain National Park.  Most of their rooms don't have tv so you can focus on just being together.  Plus, I really like their salad bar and stew.
    • Mary's Lake Lodge
    • Our favorite restaurant in Estes Park is Mama Rose's.  We held our rehearsal dinner here and all of our friends and family loved it.  Every time we drive up to Estes Park, we make sure to eat there
  • We love Murphy's River Lodge when we stay in Estes. There is a fun little Mexican restaurant there as well. (great margs!)
  • Bristol cone inn is a great b&b, Della terra is amazing a little pricey but worth it if you want to treat yourselves. Other side restaurant has great food, Eds cantina is a really good Mexican place
  • Marry Me In Colorado would do you well. They are super nice people that have a good grip here in Estes Park. The photography might be a little lacking, but if you're not wanting to spend much, they come highly recommended. Go to Ed's Cantina to eat. Best place in town by far. IMHO
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