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I am recently engaged and this will be my second marriage, his first. We've been together for years and I'm very excited to soon be husband and wife. My first marriage was when I was a young 20yr old. Fast forward to my 30s, I am thankful for all I experienced even the lows and consequent divorce. I don't regret it nor am I embarrassed or feel the need to hide it. All my friends and family know but I don't think his family does since it never came up in conversation. I am a natural introvert so I don't start or carry-on conversations easily. Is it odd that they may not know I've been married before? Should I be concerned about this? I was in my late twenties (no kids) when my FI and I started dating, so young enough for people to 'assume' I simply hadn't been married. I guess I'm worried about someone saying something awkward like 'You only marry once'. It won't bother me in the least, just don't want them to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.

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  • decembergrl2014decembergrl2014 NYC!!!
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    If I were you I'd talk to your FI about this. Maybe they already know but don't want to bring it up for fear that it might make you uncomfortable. If they like you and you like them then it shouldn't be an issue.


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    I was in my mid 20s when my DH and I started seeing each. I also did not have kids. However, I was married previously. DH was as well, and he does have kids. I allowed him to tell his family (parents and kids) about me and my previous marriage when he saw fit. He told them well before we were engaged, but that is what he felt was best for him. I could have easily never mentioned it, as I don't have any ties to my ex and we haven't seen each other in many, many years.


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