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Didn't Make it to My First...

Good Morning Everyone!

I just recently got engaged to the greatest man and my best friend :).  However, this is my second engagement, but still my first wedding.  I had been previously engaged to the wrong man.  We had everything planned and it was canceled the week before the wedding, how very dramatic, but it's true.  

During that planning, I asked my sister to be my maid-of-honor.  Three other girls were asked to be my bridesmaids at the time, although I really only wanted to have 2 bridesmaids.  There was pressure from the girls, plus my ex-fiance to keep the numbers even.  

A lot has happened since then and I guess people grow apart.  New boyfriends, new jobs, and other life events cause people to drift apart if they weren't close to begin with.  Now that I am planning this wedding, I was just thinking about having my sister as my maid-of-honor, but not having any bridesmaids.  I just don't have that many close girlfriends.  Is it ok to not have bridesmaids? I read online that a lot of people are doing this to save money and to cut out the unnecessary drama. My fiance is perfectly fine just having two people in our bridal party. 

Any thoughts?

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  • Sounds lovely. Congratulations.
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    It is ok to have or not have a wedding party. You do not have to have the same people or all the people in your first WP in this WP.

    If you just want to have you sister as your MOH, go for it :) Side don't have to be even if you FI decides he wants more then one person standing on his side.

    GL! :)
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  • Mine will not only be uneven, it will have a girl on the grooms side. :) Do it the way that makes you happy!
  • Congrats!  

    You are free to have as few or many people in your bridal party as you want, or to skip it altogether.  

    You don't have to include people from your previous BP in this one.

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  • We're not having a bridal party or even just a MOH/BM. This is my second, his first wedding. I felt it was really unnecessary and just didn't want to deal with it. Apparently he wants it so small he kind of tweaked out a little when I said I wanted to select two people to do readings and he made a comment about our ceremony not being open mic night or karaoke or something ;-)

  • If you haven't made a final decision already, do what you want. This is your wedding. FI and I aren't having a wedding party, and we can't expect our kids to stand up there with us the entire time so it will be just the two of us. It could have been perfect - I have 2 sisters, he has 2 brothers and a childhood friend, and I could have asked one of my friends...but nope! That's not what he wanted and I am perfectly fine with it. It's really not saving me much money or drama by not having them. It's seriously all about what FI and I want, and we're paying for it so we get what we want.
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