who have you ladies used? i have myself, FI,  3 BM, 3 groomsmen, 1 gma, 1 gpa and two moms and 2 dads... 2 crosages for readers, pin on. I would like ot stay under $500... suggestions?
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    who have you ladies used? i have myself, FI 3 BM, 3 groomsmen, 1 gma, 1 gpa and two moms and 2 dads.  I would like ot stay under $500... suggestions?
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  • We used Welke's in Elm Grove.  Nikki stayed well within our budget - and ours was modest.
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  • I'd definitely look around at some florists as with that amount of people they can probably work with your budget, but if money is really tight, I know two people that got their flowers from grocery stores and they were absolutely beautiful.

    FI's college roommate got all their flowers from Metro Market, and one of my coworkers got hers at Sendiks. You would have never known and they were considerably cheaper. The only caveats are that you kind of have to know what flowers you want as there's not as much of an artist putting them together, and you have to put on all the bouts and corsages yourself, whereas (sometimes) a florist has someone come to the ceremony and do them for you.
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  • I used Sam's Club and ordered online for about $280.00. (I was charged 10% extra since I didn't have a club membership.) They were beautiful; out of 250 flowers, only 3 were broken. With the exception of adding flower plant food, I followed the directions exactly. You will need to allow for some time to set them up (I had help decorating my ceremony/reception venue) and have a few hours set aside when you have them delivered to your doorstep for prepping. I got so many compliments how beautiful they were- no one suspected that they came from Sam's.

    After a few trial and errors, sister-in-law and I made 2 bouquets (one for me the bride, and another for the MOH.) We also made 8 boutonnieres out of red roses for my step-kids, FOB,& grandparents. (Spent $8.00 on roses at the local Pick n' Save.) Search YouTube videos- they were very helpful! But keep in mind, this is definitely a DIY project. You will need to budget time to do this.
    I ordered Red, Orange, and Yellow Gerbera Daises.

    Flowers after prepping:




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  • thanks for the input an suggestions ladies, I plan to meet with a couple florists but have not rules our sams club yet (we have a membership so that will also save the 10%) :)
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  • Here's another suggestion for you.  I will be using a florist that goes to my church for my wedding in November.  She does the majority of the flowers for our church alter and she did the flowers for my best friends wedding in March.  The florist's name is Patty and she owns  Floral-Ific Creations.  She does some amazing work and definitely knows how to work with a budget. 

    Just as a reference, my bridesmaid bouquet lasted for over a week after the wedding-and this was after it was out of water for the ceremony and reception.  The bride;s bouquet lasted the same way and she was able to dry it and it still looks beautiful.  When you sit down with Patty, she is really good about counseling you on what flowers will work well for your season and use and which ones won't.  Definitely worth checking out. 
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  • thanks BEK! i will look into her 
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  • We are going through  Mayflowers. She's awesome and helps you stay in your budget.
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  • I don't know how far she is willing to travel, but we are using Missi at Wild Flowers in Baraboo, she is fantastic! We are using more flowers than you have said and our budget is $750, if she will travel, I HIGHLY suggest her!!!
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  • I used Design Etc....she's a sole proprietor out of Hales Corners. She was recommended to me by my cake lady at Aggies Cakes. Really nice, flowers were beautiful, and very affordable! I wanna say we spent like $200 on one bridal bouquet, 3 corsages, and 4 bouts. (no wedding party) I know nothing about flowers so I just told her my colors and they were awesome. (Sorry I'm on the iPad or I'd post pics!)
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  • We used The Flower After.  She was amazing and really stuck to our budget.  Everyone raved over our flowers and she went the extra mile to make sure everything was on time and perfect for us.  We spent about $500.

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