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My fiance and I are in the process of deciding on a venue in Birmingham. We have visited multiple sites and have narrowed it down to 2 very different venues. There are multiple aspects from each venue that I absolutely love--like if I could just combine the 2 venues it would be perfect! On the other hand FI has decided on one of them, but I am not 100% sold. His response is that it doesn't matter what his opinion is because ultimately it is my day. I really like that he's excited and involved in the wedding planning so I am not in agreement with him notion that his opinion doesn't matter. So I need some opinions from someone on how to make this decision!

One very important question for me: Is a venue that is basically "all inclusive" as far as catering/florals/alcohol more or less expensive/worth it in the long run than a venue who allows outside vendors for these things.

Thanks in advance for any of your thoughts!
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Re: Venue Help!

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    It depends on how much time you want to spend on planning and your guest list.   I think that all inclusive packages are wonderful for those planning large weddings 100+ guests and want alcohol or people do not want spend time hiring vendors .    Venues that allow outside vendors may have preferred lists and may charge you extra  if you hire vendors not on their list so I would ask about that before booking them.  However, outside vendors may offer flexibility in terms of custom orders.  Again, you will need to run the numbers and preferences regarding booking the venue.    

    Best of Luck

    Best of luck,

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