When hiring a photographer is it customary for them to come meet you?

We're looking at wedding photographers and one that I like is in Maple Ridge (we are in Vancouver, so a good hour drive or more away). We'd like to do a meet and greet before hand to see if we 'gel'.

I would expect that as the client, the vendor would make an effort to come meet us rather than ask us to go meet them in their area. After all, the wedding will be in Vancouver, and in a client-vendor relationship the vendor is supposedly trying to secure the client's business so they should be going the extra mile.
Am I way off here?

In non-wedding scenarios it's always the vendor who accommodates to suit the client's needs, not the other way around. I love their photography but I find it odd that they want us to haul to Maple Ridge and aren't willing to make the effort to meet us in Vancouver, for thousands of dollars of business. It's almost like they're doing us a favour, rather than genuinely wanting our business.

Thoughts? Maybe the wedding world works differently?

Re: When hiring a photographer is it customary for them to come meet you?

  • Hi! 
    I don't think that you're off at all!! I am getting married in Kelowna next year and the second vendor I booked was for my photographer. Since we wanted the same photographer for our engagement session and wedding day, we decided to choose one in Kelowna, and that helps us save on travel costs too. She was very nice and accommodating since day one. We recently went to Kelowna from Vancouver and we had planned coffee before our session. She even went to the photoshoot location the day before to answer some of my inquiries. She's been very nice to us! I guess it must also have to do with the photographer's personality. 
    I do agree with you though, that they should in the minimum try to establish a client-vendor relationship. Maybe you can propose the idea of having the shoot somewhere else and see their response? or is the photoshoot already booked in Maple Ridge?
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