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5 Days of Freebies- Day Four (7/31)


Re: 5 Days of Freebies- Day Four (7/31)

  • My vacation to Block Island where my fiancé proposed while we were sailing there <3
  • frap33frap33 member
    Second Anniversary 10 Comments 5 Love Its
    A week on the island of Ponza, Italy!

  • My husband and I took a beautiful honeymoon in Chattanooga, TN, recently, and my favorite part was the hike in the mountains. I love being in nature, and there were some historical markers along the hiking trail, and the view from the mountain was beautiful.

  • Cruising with my mom and sister in April in the Caribbean...first family vacation since my father's sudden death two years ago.
  • My best vacation memory was going to Israel to visit my father's side of the family.
  • Getting proposed to at Disneyland!
  • Being proposed to in front of Niagara Falls
  • My fiancé (boyfriend at the time) decided to make a good situation out of a bad one and take a trip to Jamaica (we had our home broken into and all of our belongings stolen). My fiancé had been to Jamaica quite a few times as a kid and had the best time taking me around the island and showing me some of his favourite spots. It was such an incredible experience to share some of his favourite childhood memories and see some of the gorgeous Jamaican countryside! 

    I've attached some pictures of our beach day at Frenchman's Cove (the most incredible beach I have ever seen!)
  • Myrtle Beach for our anniversary last year. Ocean front room & off season so it wasn't overly packed. Beautiful stay!
  • After four years together, we embarked on our first (and definitely not last!) big adventure and moved to Europe for three months.  We lived in Nice on the Cote d'Azur, and every afternoon we would walk along the coast of the Mediterranean and enjoy each other's company.  It was such a wonderful, romantic ritual.  Now, after ten years together, we are getting married in September!
  • Turks & Caicos blue waters! It was our last big family trip & we all had a blast!
  • Unfortunately in the 6 years I've been with my fiancé, we never had the money or time to go on a vacation together :( 

    Therefore my favorite vacation memory would have to be when I was younger and did a tour of spain with my mom and school. It was what sparked my lust for traveling!
  • My favorite vacation when I was a child was going to Disney. After my fiance and I got engaged, I took him to Disney for his first time! It was also our first vacation together as a couple. It was the best vacation I've ever taken.
  • surprisingly this one was in Vegas, haha. in our second year of dating, the fiance was still in school and I just started working so we didn't have much to spend. We had booked a cool hotel deal at palazzo, got a room high up with a pretty awesome view. we went back to the room after dinner and were just talking and listening to music (being lazy in our underpants..dressy clothes could be so constricting! LOL). He then grabs my hand and we start dancing to one of the slower songs. withe the awesome view and music, privacy and peace of a moment we haven't had in a while..it was just great. we were laughing and dancing, like we had our own private rooftop club. one of our favorite memories for sure.
  • My favorite vacation memory was going to Georgia with my now fiancé last summer to meet some of his family. We went to the Atlanta Aquarium and went to Turner Field and watched the Atlanta Braves win a game, followed by fireworks!
  • My first time to Disney and first ride occurred at Splash Mountain where he proposed! I had no clue until we got off the ride! It was so amazing and funny!
  • Chicago with my fiance (he was my then boyfriend) - he'd been traveling for work a lot, so we got to spend some time exploring a new city together and celebrating his birthday! So wonderful
  • FI took me on a Western Caribbean cruise for my birthday last year. My favorite memory is seeing the excitement on his face when he realized he was in another country for the first time. A week away from technology and work with the love of my life was more than perfect. 
  • Our cruise last year we got up extra early one day to watch the sunrise it was breathtaking
  • fmp29fmp29 member
    10 Comments First Anniversary
    I enjoy all trips I take- just doing something new, but one of my favorites was a long weekend in PIB with FI and our friends a few years ago. It was the first trip my FI and I were on together (only had been dating 2 weeks), and this group of friends have continued to, and will honestly remain, incredibly close.
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  • My best vacation memory was when we visited my best friend who lives in NYC. The best part was taking a romantic walk in central park while it was snowing. It was absolutely perfect! 

  • My best vacation memory was going to the beach cottages on the Outer Banks of NC with my fiance, brother, and father! We had the BEST time!
  • My favorite vacation was when I spent a week in the Bahamas. The pink beaches were beautiful and I loved island life :) It was definitely a wonderful break from my regular life!  
  • this summer on Martha's Vineyard - my fiance proposed at my favorite sunset spot!
  • 1st vacay with my bf's family was 6 months after we started dating - day 1 was a 25-mile bike ride and I hadn't been on a bike in about 10 years - it was torturous, but he was crazy encouraging and sweet. I was (clearly) already smitten but the fact that he didn't desert me on a trail somewhere sealed the deal, and he later told me that was was when he really fell in love, too, because I was so stubborn about not giving up.
  • I went to Harry Potter world with my family last year... it was incredible! I got to bond with my aunt drinking daiquiris by the pool, and enjoyed having time to spend with my cousins, who were going through a tough time. We had a blast!
  • My Favorite vacation is a trip to Mystic CT. It is so pretty!!

  • The day after Christmas my family always goes to Callaway Garden in Georgia where we stay at a lodge and spend the week. We will go look at the lights in the gardens which never stop being breathtaking. I love it so much because my whole family makes it a huge priority to be there since we don't see each other as much. And it's also a beautiful place which doesn't hurt ;)
  • Disney World!
  • EM86EM86 member
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    i'm hoping/guessing that my best vacation memory will occur this september when i'm in jamaica with my new husband on our honeymoon. i know it will be a once in a lifetime experience and i'm counting down the days.
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