E-Session at Red Arrow Park DT MKE

Hoping to get some feedback/opinions!

My Fiance and I were hoping for a snowy engagement session Saturday...leave it to Wisconsin.

So we are now looking to have pictures taken at the ice rink at Red Arrow Park in downtown Milwaukee (as well as at Cathedral Square). 

We checked with the Parks department website and it says a photography permit is required for pictures taken at the Botanical Gardens and The Domes...as well as personal events and graduations (http://county.milwaukee.gov/Photography9057.htm) NOT A WORD about engagement pictures.

We checked with the Parks department. The original person told us it wouldn't be an issue to take some pictures of us ice skating...but then the head of the parks department called my Fiance back and told him we'd need to obtain a photography permit for $58 (and it'd have to be picked up by 3 p.m. tomorrow...neither one of us could obtain it in this case).

Has anyone had engagement pictures taken at Red Arrow Park and did you have to obtain a permit? Do you think we should just go for it, and print out the website that says NOTHING about engagement pictures?

Any advice is HIGHLY appreciated!

Re: E-Session at Red Arrow Park DT MKE

  • I wouldn't be surprised if they charged the fee - they charge for wedding and graduation pics - engagement pictures are along the same lines.  They do say candids are ok, but e-pics are not candids, they are done by a professional.

    We had our epics taken in February and we just wandered around the 3rd Ward - got some nice shots on the Riverwalk and there is some really cool architecture in that area, too.
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  • I'm torn on this one.  I didn't get a permit for my epics at Lake Park and was told by the parks manager for South Shore Park to not worry about the permit (he wasn't going to give me any trouble for an hour of shooting).  I would normally say don't worry about it, but with that call from the boss at the parks dept I'm not sure I'd want to take the risk.  I guess it depends on how much of a risk taker you and your photographer are.
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  • Your photographer may be able to pick it up for you depending on their services.  This is typically something that we take car of for our customers.


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