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Difficulty with venue - should I get a wedding planner? Give up?


I have a bit of a dilemma that I could use advice on. I’m not a bridezilla about most things, but one thing I really want is a very specific, beautiful aisle for my ceremony. I’ve found a place I really like, and now of course it’s the only place I really want for the ceremony (it’s not a religious ceremony and we already have our reception location booked). Unfortunately...the person who owns and manages it doesn’t call us back. We went out to see it twice – the first time, it was easy to get ahold of her via email (this was before we were even engaged, last fall – we just wanted to see if it was worth considering in case it got booked early). Since we’ve been seriously planning our wedding though – this summer, in anticipation of a June 27th wedding next year – it’s been near impossible to talk to her. We were trying to set up a time to see it again, with my parents, and she did not return calls or emails. We finally called one of our other vendors (our caterer) just to see if they had some other contact to get ahold of. They called her on our behalf and she called us right away. She gave me her cell number and told me to call her there, which worked while we were setting up a time to go out and see it again. She was perfectly pleasant in person.

We tentatively (no deposit yet), reserved our date for our ceremony. But when we’ve tried calling or emailing her since then, we’ve gotten no response. She doesn’t answer her home or cell phone, doesn’t call back, and does not return emails. We’re not harassing her (only trying maybe once per week), but it’s been six weeks since we’ve seen it, and probably three months since we first started trying to see the place. We really don’t have a backup place but I’m pretty much giving up hope. It’s starting to feel personal, not to mention the fact that we have to figure out what we’re doing for our ceremony, as a lot of other things hinge on it. I wish I’d never seen the place so every other place doesn’t seem like a disappointment.

Is there any other avenue we should take with this place (there is no other contact for it that we can find)? Should we get a wedding planner to be a liaison? Or should we assume that they really don’t want to do business and move on?

Re: Difficulty with venue - should I get a wedding planner? Give up?

  • Its been happening to me too with this area. I am hoping it is just because it was wedding season but there have been some things that worked. My fiance called and then of course things immediately got done. I met with another business in july to go over the plan/estimate but after sending pictures never heard back more. When I asked for an update they told me it wasnt finalized yet. So I responded saying I was hoping to have an answer before September started so I could move on to other things for the wedding. Immediately got an answer. Our date is May 22, 2015 and from what I have been told the vendors are super responsive starting 3 months before. Another suggestion I have heard is to send short emails that way they are more likely to respond. Best of luck
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