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Second Weddings

WELCOME TO SECOND WEDDINGS! Visit here before posting-Information to get you started INSIDE!

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Welcome to the Second Weddings Board! 

While everyone is welcome to post here, this board is primarily focused on those who are planning a second, third (or more) wedding following a divorce or death of a spouse. This board is a great resource on etiquette, sorting through feelings of a second marriage, getting past some of the hurdles of a previous marriage, and blending families. 

Here are some previous posts on popular topics to assist you in your journey:

It's Normal to have certain feelings, emotions, and thoughts when going into a second marriage. It's okay to feel these as you move past your first marriage and start your new life with your new significant other!

 When blending families, it's important to have an inclusive environment for all kids entering in to the new family unit. Some couples have decided to incorporate special touches into their ceremony that include the kids. While the general consensus is that the ceremony and vows should be reserved for the parents, there are many other ways to include the kids, such as making them attendants, having older children do readings, or presenting the kids with gifts just prior to the ceremony. Most importantly, talk to the kids first to see how they feel about being included! However, these two threads will give you plenty of ideas to consider!

Vow Renewals are not technically second weddings, as no divorce or death has occurred in between. They are usually held to celebrate big anniversary milestones (20 years, 25 years) or after the couple has overcome a major obstacle in their marriage. Etiquette for renewals is slightly different between renewals and weddings. If you want to share/gain advice on planning a vow renewal, you can visit the Vow Renewal Forum here:

You can also use idotaketwo.com as an excellent etiquette resource.

Feel free to use the search tool on this board to find tons of excellent advice and information! If you can't find your answer, or the original post is outdated, please feel to start a new thread to get the latest advice. PLEASE keep in mind that this particular board is a bit slower than some of the others. So, some of the more recent posts may be a year or more old. Please take a look at the original post date before responding. It may be best to create a new post to receive the best advice from the forum.

If there are any additional threads you feel need to be linked in this sticky, please page me or send me a private message. 


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