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Help Portlanders! Outdoor Ceremony Sites

I have been planning a beach wedding for a few months, but it looks like our guest list is getting too big for our budget there. I'm looking into alternatives and have found an alternate reception venue, but I'm having a brain-block when it comes to the ceremony site. I was wondering if I had my reception in downtown Portland, do you guys know of any places within driving distance that is a nice outdoors place/park for an untraditional bride? I'm looking for a place that could seat 200-250 (i'll rent chairs, if nessecary), preferably has A LOT of shade (my date is August 14 2010 and I'm a redhead), and wouldn't be high traffic on a Saturday. Your suggestions are highly appreciated, I grew up in Salem and feel like I know a lot of parks around there and South, but not here, and I am quite bummed about the beach not working out, hoping I can find a sweet spot to take my mind off the disappointment... :) -Kelly

Re: Help Portlanders! Outdoor Ceremony Sites

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    Most of the Portland Parks sites won't let you set up chairs except for a couple for people who really need them. If you're okay with standing I'd look at the Rose Garden. Not much privacy (you'll probably get a wandering tourist or two scoping you out) but so so pretty in August. I think Hoyt Arboretum has sites you can set chairs up at. Otherwise check out the Parks & Rec website and look to see what looks good and call and ask for details.

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    I don't know that the Rose Garden would be big enough for that size group (if you're talking about the Shakespeare Garden that is). You could do it at the ampitheatre at the Rose Garden but there is no shade and there is always a ton of traffic up there on Saturdays in the summer. I'd look at the Hoyt Arboretum as well or the Forestry Center, but you'll still have the traffic problem. Another option is to find a spot on the east side, say at Laurelhurst Park.
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    Thanks for the help, I'm looking into Hoyt, as well as a few other online finds (private farms galore!), We are having the reception at Rose Garden Arena, lol so, yeah... pdxmouse, I'm surprised at your thoughts on the chair rule in parks... it must be a park-by-park basis because most any State Park you can 'reserve' for weddings at around $100-500, and that allows chairs.... havn't looked into any Portland city parks though so thanks for the heads up of yet another question I'll have to ask!
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    Mouse is right about chairs, some of the Portland parks have restrictions.  Here is the list of Portland Park sites, and they note which ones have chair limits:[url]http://www.portlandonline.com/PARKS/index.cfm?c=38300&a=93215[/url]You could also check Overlook House or some of the other indoor/outdoor locations around town:[url]http://www.portlandonline.com/PARKS/index.cfm?c=38300&a=93216[/url]
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    Have you looked into the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden?  It may be outside of your budget, but it's gorgeous and would accommodate a 200-250 person wedding and they provide chairs.  It's run by the Portland City Parks and Recs as well.I also looked into the Forestry Center, which is inside, but incredibly beautiful with a very outdoorsy feel!goodluck!
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