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Tipping Etiquette

Hello ladies!When my sister got married, she had me (as MOH) pass out envelopes with tips prior to the wedding.I was planning to do the same, but was unsure of whether I want to tip some vendors until I have actually received their services.  I would hate to tip my DJ to find out they suck!Did you tip before or after the wedding?  FI was thinking we should write thank you cards to everyone after the wedding and include the tip then, but I have never heard of doing this,Thank you for your help!

Re: Tipping Etiquette

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    I know our wedding coordinator has thank you cards in her office, but I always assumed those were just sent to her after the fact just because she did such an awesome job, not as a way to send a tip. I would say tip on the way out. You can still have MOH hand out envelopes, but like you said, if someone sucks it up, you don't want to be giving them a tip theydon't deserve.  
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    We tipped at the end of the night.  I think sending it in a card would be fine too, but I wouldn't want to hand out envelopes before you see how it goes.
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    While we're on this subject, what about tipping a vendor who owns their own business? It seems like people are all over the map on this; that the vendor should be charging a competitive rate and if they do a good job you'll recommend them to others for business and therefore no tip required, or that if the vendor does a fantastic job you should definitely tip as you would anyone else. Thoughts? We have a mix of vendors some of whom definitely own/operate their own businesses and I'm not sure how to handle.
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    I usually lean toward tipping anyone who you are happy with and went above and beyond, whether they work for a big company or own their own business.  I am a self employed person though, so maybe I'm biased. ;)Like in my instance, I run my own business and I therefore can provide competitive rates, but I still have a large overhead.  Just because it looks like the vendor is getting all money and not splitting it with a large company, doesn't mean that they don't have quite a few costs to run the business.A tip is only given if you are happy, no true vendor should expect this.  I am always flattered when I receive a tip and am never offended if I don't get one. 
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    How much should a tip be? I would hate to offend/insult a vendor by giving a 'low tip'.
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