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Invitation wording help!

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Since we had to move our wedding date up to January from April I am in a rush to get the invites done.  I need wording help.  We are paying for our own wedding so we are the host.  I have the wording down pretty much for what to do for my FI.  He is an officer in the Army.  How do I put that on the invitation as well as saying it is black tie optional (I want nice suits, tuxes, and uniforms).  I have attached a quick thing I did in vistaprint just to see how it looks.  I am DIYing our actual invites and enclosures.

Is it:

"Rank _ _ _
United States Army"

or just

"Rank _ _ _"

I was searching but could only find one site that said the first way but it looks weird on the invitation and he has no idea.


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