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Songs to walk down the aisle to?

I don't want the traditional "bridal march" or whatever its called to walk down the aisle to.

I've considered Canon in D (which is still kind of over-used in my book).

What are you guys considering for your trek down the aisle?  I thought about "Make you Feel my Love" by Adele but there is a line that says "I know you haven't made your mind up yet" so that sort of bothers me. 

I don't have to have anything just instrumental, I dont' mind something with words.

I'm curious to see what all you guys are choosing. 

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Re: Songs to walk down the aisle to?

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    I'm using an instumental song.  "Horizons" by Genesis.  I heard it about 10 years ago and knew then that was the song I wanted to use! 
  • I walked down the aisle to an instrumental version of Moon River. It's a favorite song of mine, soft, and short. It was perfect :o
  • I am also doing something instrumental. Actually a friend of mine wrote a song for me and will be playing it. Do you have any friend that play instruments? If so, consider honoring them by asking them to write/play or both a song for your special moment.
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  • We are having a destination wedding.  This gives me an idea though (although I'm not sure how renting a keyboard would be) the wedding is outside.  I could ask my future step son to learn "Make You Feel My Love" on piano and perform it for us. 

    If we can't arrange that maybe I can have him record it to play....

    WOW, see, I needed inspirations from you guys
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  • Check out the group Vitamin String Quartet... they do instrumental, classical versions of pop songs.  You might find something there you like, and they have a ton of songs available on itunes.  It's a nice way to pick a more current song that you like or has meaning, but still get that classical feel.
    We are using 3 songs by them for processional and recessional...
  • My cousin played Elvis Presley "Can't Help Falling in Love with You" on the acoustic guitar. It was very romantic.
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  • I'm walking down the aisle to "Golden" by Chrisette Michelle.

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  • I've thought about this too as FI and I don't want the typical bridal march. . Right now my heart is set on an excerpt of All Your Life by The Band Perry.

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  • In Response to Re: Songs to walk down the aisle to?:
    I've thought about this too as FI and I don't want the typical bridal march. . Right now my heart is set on an excerpt of All Your Life by The Band Perry.
    Posted by sweetdreamz6700
    We've been talking about using this for our first dance.  Lovely choice.  :)
  • I walked down the aisle to Crazy Love by Michael Buble.
  • I'm walking down to either the acoustic version of "Edelweiss" from The Sound of Music soundtrack, or "The Feather Song" from the Forrest Gump soundtrack.
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    I processed to "Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring" by Bach (we had a flute/harp duet).

    "All That Love Can Be" by Charolette Churchl was a song a played once at a wedding.
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  • It's a bit unusual but we're walking down the aisle as the congregation sings a hymn.  I'm sure they'll still be watching but my FI is a bit shy and didn't want everyone looking at her.  it's one of our favorite hymns (Joyful, Joyful) so it will be fun.
  • This is a great thread...I have no clue what song I will walk down the aisle to, but you guys have had some GREAT suggestions!!!
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  • I am probably walking down the aisle to the Vitamin String Quartet version of At Last. I really wanted to use the Section Quartet cover of Such Great Heights but it seems to fast. 

    We'll be playing various VSQ covers before the ceremony begins as well.  
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  • I am walking down the aisle to one of the softer songs from the movie Thor. I know it sounds funny, but it was the movie we went to and realized we first liked each other so has some meaning. It is called Can You See Jane.
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    I (think) I'm going to walk down to an instrumental (piano) version of Adele's "Make You Feel My Love"  my future step son plays piano and I think I'm going to ask him to record it beforehand so we can play it at the ceremony (with it being an outdoor destination wedding we won't be able to bring in a keyboard/piano). 

    So for now this is it unless I hear something better from you guys lol
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    I walked down the isle to "Marry Me" with no words...just a guitar and violin playing. Another one we used in the wedding (and considered for my walk down the isle) was Brad Paisley's "Kim."  It is on his "Play" CD...it is only instrumental as well.
  • I did not want to use traditional songs either because they didn't really mean anthing to me but "tradition." If you want to use modern songs in instrumental form search online for anything "paino tribute." Our DJ gave us a ton of songs in the piano tribute form. My bridal party walked to Bubbly by Colbie Caillat and I walked to The Luckiest by Ben Folds. If you are having a hard time finding the songs you want, talk to your DJ because they are the experts at finding or having music.

  • I am walking to "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by Isreal K. The Hawaiian singer. I just love his version. Good Luck.
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  • An instrumental version of God Gave Me You by Blake Shelton! But a lot of you had really great ideas that now have me second guessing myself!
  • I'm walking down to Fallin in Love at a Coffee Shop by Landon Pigg.  I heard it in a commercial and loved it.  I don't want the choruc part though.
  • I will be walking down the aisle to Everlong by the Foo Fighters (acoustic version). I've always loved that song, and by the time the bridal party goes down, I will get the more 'dramatic' piece of the song.
  • I am walking down the aisle to "Gaelic Morn" by Bruce Mitchell. The name sounds depressing but it actually refers to the morning.
  • I'm walking down to a very offbeat song that few have heard of. The lyrics don't make much sense because the band is Icelandic, but you can barely understand them anyway because of her accent, but it is Mum-Green Grass of Tunnel: 
  • We are probably going a little different route than most couples.  We're having a church wedding but I've never wanted the traditional bridal entrances songs. Music has been such a huge part of our relationship because before he could actually say, 'I love you', he would tell me with songs. 

    My processional will be a modern pop or rock song that is significant in our relationship. We've gone back and forth between several songs and I finally gave him a list of the 4 most appropriate ones. Then I asked him to close his eyes and picture me coming down the aisle toward him.  Which song does he hear?  We're down to 2 songs that need significant editing for time and shrillness ('Something About the Way You Look Tonight' and 'When You Love a Woman') or 'Time in a Bottle' which requires no editing.  We're keeping the lyrics and whichever song we choose will be played on cd.  

    Sorry such a long a post.  But on the bright side, I was very weepy from watching 'Say Yes to the Dress' (it had several 'mom moments and my mom passed away 2 years ago and sometimes the emotions hit me thinking of my wedding without her) but writing this post took my mind off that and now I'm fine.   
  • i love the band perry ... i thought about doing something with the song they sing on their album that talks about "walk me down the middle of my mama's church" ... track 8 i think.
  • Our processional is Stevie Ray Vaughan "Pride & Joy" and our recessional is Van Halen "Ice Cream Man".  I understand this isn't for everyone. LOL
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    I will be walking down the aisle to a serenade from my husband (he has the voice of an ANGEL) Innocent He requested that he sings Bruno Mars' "Just the way you are".  @brookerich, have you heard "Lovesong" by Adele? We are using it as our first dance! The wording is more appropriate for a wedding and is beautiful... let's face it, Adele could be singing about a shoestring and I would probably still love it, lol
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  • I really really want to walk down the aisle to "marry me" by train... its such a pretty song. but my fiance thinks we should dance our first dance to it, so im not sure which ill be doing lol
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