On a budget -- Vacation rental vs hall/hotel for reception site??

Hey! I just got engaged but we have always talked about getting married in Tahoe! We are looking into having the wedding at Lakeside Beach (super affordable). To keep the budget low (my fiance and I are both graduate students!), we were thinking of renting a vacation home to have a lunch/brunch reception. Any ideas of where to look? or what questions to ask????  Or any ideas of an affordable reception site? Any and all ideas would be wonderful!!!

Re: On a budget -- Vacation rental vs hall/hotel for reception site??

  • Maybe try the local board. . . . they may have better help given the specific area you are looking into.

    Also, if you post something on multiple boards it is helpful to throw an XP in the subject so knotties know it's the same thing.

    Good luck on your venue search!

  • The biggest ways to save money are by keeping your guest list small and having your wedding at a non-meal time. If your event (ceremony and reception) don't overlap a meal time, you only need to serve finger foods/light refreshments - not a full meal. Think ceremony at 2:00 and reception from 2:30-5pm. 

    As long as your event is fully hosted (meaning guests don't subsidize costs - cash bar, potluck, etc.), the hosting is appropriate for the time of day (meal if mealtime) and you have seats for everyone, you can pretty much do whatever you want. We can help you plan. Post away!

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