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Getting in Shape

Sept '15 Brides Check-In Thread

I noticed there's a lot of Sept '15 brides looking to get in shape (including me :) ) so I thought I'd start our own thread! I'm getting married 19th Sept! Maybe we should all start by describing where we are now and what our goals are and then we can offer each other tips??

I'm pretty much at my goal weight now from using Juice Plus complete shakes, and now my goal is to tone up (especially my stomach which took a hit from pregnancy) and maintain!

Re: Sept '15 Brides Check-In Thread

  • Heyyy there date twin. :) 

    Ideally I'd like to drop about 10-15 lbs but mostly tone. I've been blessed with wide hips and wider love handles, and though my dress is A-line, I'd really like to tone that up along with my stomach and back/ shoulders. 

    The wedding has certainly given me a kick to get started but I truly want a lifestyle change and to continue on afterwards, especially since we're planning on starting a family after the wedding. 

    I've been hitting the gym and tracking with MFP since July and I haven't lost much weight but I have gained a lot of muscle and I'm finally starting to see my trouble areas shrink. 

    I've completely fallen off the wagon this week though. I hosted Thanksgiving on Friday and I'm on day 3 of leftovers and all the other bad stuff we don't usually keep in the house. Starting fresh when all the junk is gone. 

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  • Don't be disheartened if the scales don't say you're losing a lot, if you're gaining muscle (which you will by working out) that will also show on the scales. Taking actual measurements or even just taking pictures of yourself to compare has been a better method for some people I know!

    This time of year is terrible for people who want to get in shape! There's so much temptation from now right up til new years! Have you ever tried a detox? They can be good for getting back on track but it takes some determination to stick to!
  • NowIamMrsKleinNowIamMrsKlein Cold Canadian North (British Columbia) member
    500 Love Its 500 Comments First Anniversary Name Dropper
    September 12, 2015 Canadian Bride!

    Just bought my dress this last weekend and its super flattering and not too skin tight/clingy so I am not as worried as I was going into the appointment. Im around 130lbs and thats about 10lbs overweight on my 5 foot frame. I have a thyroid problem that makes it very difficult to lose weight.

    Im looking to drop 5 lbs and tone up so that I have some rocking arms and back. I can't afford a gym membership where I live so I've been doing bootcamp style workout videos and free weights and have been eating really healthy. I've dropped 8lbs since january so i know 5 more is feasible.
  • Anyone else worried about arms overflowing out of a strapless dress? I have about 5 pounds to lose and I can't seem to get rid of those little armpit bulges! So much so that I'm thinking I need to wear my hair down to try and cover them!
  • I'm also getting married September 19, 2015! I need to lose about 50-60 pounds. My dress is strapless, so I'm definitely looking to get some awesome toned arms/back and lose the armpit fat I have going on. 

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  • Sept 19th too! there's a lot of us! I only need to lose about 20 pounds. I want to be back at the weight I was at when I was running and doing pilaties every day. Of course, I wasn't half as busy or stressed then. I own Insanity but thanks to some health issues I can't do more than a day of it without getting so exhausted I can't move for two or three days...working on getting the health issues figured out (daily debilitating headaches) but in the meantime I need to take the slow and easy route to losing weight.
    I have so much trouble not drinking soda though!
  • Soooo I tried my dress on today to show my FSMIL and it *barely* zipped up. It was definitely a struggle and I don't really get it because I know I've lost weight since I bought it. I've been slacking a lot on my diet and the gym since early October but there's no way I've gained back what I lost. Definitely a wake up call to get back at it!!!
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  • NowIamMrsKleinNowIamMrsKlein Cold Canadian North (British Columbia) member
    500 Love Its 500 Comments First Anniversary Name Dropper
    My dress just came in! Unfortunately I wont get to see it until the weekend as I live in another province. My mother picked it up and my FI is going to go down at the end of the week and bring it home! (He is strictly forbidden to touch it or look at it. My moms going to put it in the car and Ill take it out when he's home! Its going to be torture for him. Awesome)

    I know its going to be to big on me. I ordered a 10. I think the 8 would have fit me but they didnt have one to try on so I ordered the 10 that I tried in the store. So I'm a little freaked out about alterations and such. But looking forward to trying it on and seeing where I need to go with arms and back and such.
  • I am hoping my dress doesn't come in for at least 3 more months :) I don't feel I'm in the place to try it on yet and I KNOW if they call me I won't be able to resist
  • 9/6/2015!

    I need to tone my back and triceps (my triceps refuse to tone to the point that I'm considering laser lipo) and my first fitting is probably in January.

    I've been doing my squats and crunches and I don't really need to lose a lot of weight but I'd like to be more toned 


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