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Hi all!

How do you go about negotiating the price of a venue? We only looked at one other venue, so we do not have much to negotiate off of!

Someone told me to never settle on the first contract they give you and to always try and negotiate. My problem.. I don't know how to even start!

Any help would be great!

Thanks :)

Re: Negotiating?

  • It can be difficult going about negotiating. Sometimes your vendors aren't willing (especially if they are local favorites / very popular), while other times they are more than happy to cut you a break to get your business. The only way you'll know is to ask.

    During which season will you be holding your wedding? Often, vendors like venues can command the prices they want during the peak season, but will be more willing to give a discount if your wedding will be during the seasons that are harder for them to fill.

    It can also depend on your local conditions. I know, personally, I am getting married in August during peak wedding season, on a Saturday, in a very popular region of California. Very few options for discounts, there. If you're adventurous, for an item like catering, you can try hiring a new local food truck, and they might give you a discount in exchange for a testimonial.

    Good luck, and happy negotiating!
  • I negotiated with most of my vendors, but my venue already had a very low rate for November, so I didn't have much negotiating to do.  Make sure you know your budget, and if the amount is over that, tell them that it's higher than your budget.  I was very upfront about my budget and talked DJs down a lot.  

    I work in sales and if my clients don't mention that they are working with a strict budget, there is no conversation to be had.  

    Some venues might not come down on price much for you unless you pick an off season date,  a daytime wedding or a friday/sunday wedding.  Some will however throw in extras, and that's something you can negotiate.

    It's a very intimidating conversation to have.  Don't act too interested because you might show them that you are willing to do whatever to get married at their location so they won't negotiate as much. 

    Good luck!

  • Thank you both! Our wedding is set for Sunday, September 20, 2015. 

    I will try my best in talking the venue/vendor down.. I hope it works! :-)
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