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What did you spend on rentals?

Met the rental/flower/DOC company last night and was BLOWN AWAY with how much gorgeous stuff they had... essentially the world is your oyster sort of stuff.  

I've asked for a quote on Chairs (100) and matching arbor, lounge furniture, tall and short cocktail (small) tables, linens, flowers and decor stuff (lanterns etc) Now I'm scared about what the quote is going to come back at.  

Any past experience anyone can share? 

Re: What did you spend on rentals?

  • tammym1001tammym1001 Akron, Ohio
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    The only thing I rented was linens. I spent $64 per table for a tablecloth, overlay, napkins, and chargers. 
  • lyndausvilyndausvi Western Slope, Colorado
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    I had to rent everything.   Tents, generator, port-a-potty, chairs, tables, lines, bars, forks, salt-n-pepper, etc.   We paid about $10K.  We paid an additional $3k on flowers.

    Hard to say what you will pay.  A lot has to do with where you live, quality and quantity of what you are asking for.    My chairs were $3 each.  But we could have spent $8 per chair.

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  • theartistformerlyknownastheartistformerlyknownas peaced out.
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    My linens and dinnerware were all included. It was $2 per to set up the ceremony chairs, would have been an additional I think $5-8 per chair to upgrade them to different ones (nope, white folding is just fine by me).

    I added sheer overlays to the white linens that were provided - they were only $4 each to buy so I didn't look into renting. Will likely try to sell them to recoup some cost.

    Arbors were about $200-400 to rent, which I thought was stupid because I could buy one for cheaper. My BIL ended up making me one as a wedding gift, and in the spring we'll set it up in the garden with a bench or something under it. 

    The bakery wanted $60 to rent a simple silver cake stand. I bought a nicer ivory one for $45 instead and didn't have to worry about returning it. Will likely try to sell it.


  • I spent about 2k for tables, two sets of chairs, dinnerware, linens, bar, and cake cart. I had 120 guests.
  • Quote came back last night at about half of my "scary number" that I had in my head.  It is still pricey ($11 per chair w/ ties and $800 for arbor) and a few things are missing but I feel much better about it.  
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