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Getting in Shape

lose 90 lbs. by mid June

I know that it's a extreme, but want to be 190 lbs by my wedding day in its end of June. I have not pick the dress. I want go dress shopping by February. So, my dilemma is to postpone my wedding day to August or just have June wedding go for it?

Re: lose 90 lbs. by mid June

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    I think you need to reduce the pressure you're putting on yourself. It's great to have goals, but too much pressure can be counter-active. I think 1-2 lbs. per week is a healthy amount to lose. Start with that. Focus on this week, then next week, then the week after and so on. See where you are and how well you're doing by January/February and find a dress that fits you then, but can be altered if you continue to lose weight. There are way too many stories on here of women who got too stressed to lose weight closer to their weddings and also women who bought dresses too small and now they don't fit. 

    But if losing weight is that important to you, it might not hurt to give yourself that extra few weeks and postpone to August.
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  • I agree with PP...I dont think its realistic and it's not setting yourself up well.

     Goal to lose 5lbs a month on your own.

     Or if it's truly important to you to lose the weight before your wedding, you might want to look into getting a personal trainer/nutritionist that can better assess your weight loss goals according to your size/health.
  • I honestly think you need to be a little more realistic. I, too, would love to lose 90 pounds by my June wedding, but I know I will be happy on my wedding day no matter what weight I am. I think you need to think that way as well. Your wedding will be wonderful and putting it off to lose weight just seems a little silly to me.
    Buy the dress you can fit into in February and have it altered after you've lost weight. After all, it is easier to take a dress in than to let it out.
    Good luck!
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