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Marriage Convalidation/renewal Catholic church

Hi everyone. 

DH and I were married in a presbyterian church back in 2004, I was raised and baptized in the Catholic church, This year DH decided to convert into catholicism,he's entering the church on 11/23, but they want want us to have a con validation of our marriage prior to his entering the church. So very last minute. we will be having our con validation on 11/14/14. All our friends and family were so shocked that I was going out to purchase an actual dress for the ceremony and are treating it as a vowel renewal . I on the other hand, was just going to pick something simple in my closet, and not make a big deal about it.it's turning into this stressful thing, ugh. \

Did I mention I don't have a lot of times?, i so don't. 

Re: Marriage Convalidation/renewal Catholic church

  • The church may not allow you to have a full up vow renewal ceremony or they may not allow you to wear a wedding gown. So, double check on that.

    Most convalidations are smaller, more simple ceremonies with only close family and friends in attendance (if anyone is there at all.) If you take that approach, you shouldn't have too much to worry about in terms of planning.

    Keep in mind that if you do invite people and it's an actual full up renewal, you must host your guests afterwards. It could be a meal, cake and punch, or an actual full up party.


  • just do what you want! and of course what you have time to do. You don't need to buy a new dress.
    My parents got convalidated when I was 5 and my mom wore a white dress that I think she bought for it but it wasn't a "wedding dress." I was the flower girl though, and wore a flowery dress and carried a basket and all that. There were a few people in attendance but not many. You definitely don't need it to be big...hopefully your family will understand that
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    We have 3 kiddos ages 8, 6, and 4, they are ecstatic to be part of the " wedding " they are calling it. My 8 year old son will be doing our first reading, and DD definitely wants to be the flower girl. we have about 5 friends who will attend, and two of them will be our witness, we had to have two witnesses over the age of 13, we have booked dinner afterwards and photography to do our family pics for us.  

    I'm debating a tea length Oleg Cassini dress and having it hemmed to be right below the knee, but again time is a big factor. I don't mind  picking out a nice dress out of my closet to wear.  we shall see, I only have a little less than 2 weeks to decide. 
  • I vote for the tea length dress you've eyed (or something new) over something in your closet. Call me crazy, but I buy a new dress for everything. lol Not regular date nights but any special occasion - birthday dinners, anniversary dinners, vacations, weddings, parties, etc.

    So go ahead and buy a new dress regardless of where it falls on the scale of simple to formal. ;)

    Good luck! If you keep it simple and small as suggested, hopefully it doesn't get too stressful.

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