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  • Whether you're marrying at a venue or church, it's YOUR day.

    My FI & I opted out of having our ceremony at a church because they wouldn't let us decorate according to our liking o_O, they had specific caterers, & it takes stress of traveling to the reception site. we'll be having a venue wedding & reception at one locale. That doesn't mean we'll be damned to hell lol

    At the very least, send her an invite. She'll be lucky to receive that seeing that you two aren't even close. Let her sulk in her misery; don't entertain her foolishness.

  • My two cents, as a liberal, gay-loving Christian: When Christians try to preach and "save souls" (ie: harass, persecute or judge people who aren't living up to their idea of Christianity) in my ear/eyeshot, I stand up in the following manner.
    I was a server at a restaurant for several years, and we had several gay servers on staff. A woman in her late 20s/early 30s got a job as a server, and immediately started making waves with judgy comments about and to the male, gay servers about their sin. Several people were getting pretty offended and irritated, but she was just trying to save their souls. One night, I overheard her telling a story about one of her sexcapades to another server. She had slept with a 17 year old boy as a 25 year old. I said, "I hate to interrupt but, were you married?" She looked at me like I had two heads and said "Well no...." I said "Then you're a sinner and you're going to hell, just like any man who sleeps with another man. I'm just looking out for your soul." She actually stopped and had a serious conversation with me. She had never seen homosexuality defended in that manner. I don't know if I changed her mind on the sinfulness of homosexuality or not, but I definitely made her think twice about "judging not lest ye be judged." She didn't work there for very much longer after that, but the homosexuality is a sin preaching stopped.
    A Facebook friend (real life acquaintance) posted an article one time about homosexuality and the commandment of "Love thy neighbor as thyself." It went on to say that, as a Christian, loving your neighbor means warning them of danger. You would warn your neighbor if a horrible flood was coming your way, and you would warn your neighbor if their homosexuality would cause them to go to hell. If you didn't tell your gay neighbor he was a sinner, then you are a bad Christian. This woman has a teenaged daughter, so I responded, on Facebook, "Well, as your neighbor, I would like to warn you that should you or your daughter speak up in church that you, as women, are going to hell. If you eat shrimp, you are going to hell. If you wear polyester, you are going to hell. And if your husband decides to sell your daughter into slavery and you try to prevent that, you are going to hell." She unfriended me, and sent me a private message that her employer is a faith based organization and she can't have posts like that on her Facebook page or she will get into trouble. She let me know I am misguided about the Bible, and told me she would love to meet with me sometime for a private Bible study. I told her to go pound salt because I wasn't interested in her selective interpretation of the Bible.
    So yes, somebody can be well meaning and worry about your soul, and you can be well meaning in your response, telling them you worry about their soul because they commit xyz sin.
  • I'd tell her that your wedding has nothing to do with her religion, or any religion, and that you understand that people will never consider you married in the "eyes of the church" or whatever, and that you're fine with that. You are having a legal, non-denominational wedding ceremony where the goal is to be married in the eyes of the state and federal government, your community, and hopefully in the eyes of your loved ones. It's a shame if some of your loved ones do not view it that way, and you'd prefer that she decline the forthcoming invitation if she cannot accept that. 
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  • I probably wouldnt invite her haha. It doesnt seem likes shes concerned about you, based on how often you talk/see each other. I understand religious people being concerned, in which case I would respond nicely, it doesnt sound like concern, sounds like more ways to complain/bitch about you and your fams.
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