Our DJ just quit and my wedding is in 10 days!!!

So our DJ is my FH's friend. He's been so great at working with us a gave us a hefty discount for his services. We've emailed back and forth for the past year of wedding planning..... Although we asked for a contract several times, he said he would get around to it...but never provided us with one. We were told not to pay until the day of, since we are friends. Even last month, he sent us a sample reception playlist that gave us a glimpse of what a typical hour would be like to see if we were okay with it. So, I really wasn't too worried... .Well last night he called to tell us that he doesn't know how it happened, but he is double booked and has a wedding the same night as ours and they have a contract and are paying full price so he really can't back out of theirs.... 
WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?!?!?!? Because of our discount we had with him, our DJ budget is SUPER small and we have absolutely nothing left over. Any DJ we hire now is going to be way out of budget, not to mention most likely already booked!

HELP!! And suggestions on what we can do? He was providing all equipment including microphones, ceremony music, and reception services!
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