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Hi all,

So I'm pretty certain we are going to book the Kellogg Center for our 2016 wedding, but I'm a little concerned with out the set up of our decor will go. They only allow you into the room 2 hours before the event and recommend you have your florist or wedding planner set up for you. I really don't want to miss out on my day by spending the 2 hours I have between the ceremony an reception on setting up the room, but I really don't want to spend tons of money on a decorator. Has anyone heard of other weddings there and how they handled their set up? Or heard of a very reasonably priced person who we could hire to do it (really just centerpieces and a couple other small things). I appreciate any tips thrown my way!!

Re: Kellogg Center Set Up Concern

  • Depending on how elaborate your decor is, a day of coordinator might be able to do basic set up for you. It really just depends on how much decor you have. Anything too elaborate they might not be able to handle on their own, and may require extra labor.

    - AC
  • I usually post on the Detroit board but it's slow so I was peaking around : ) I was just on my wedding planner's blog and saw a wedding she did at the Kellogg Center:

    Blog: http://grandjourevents.blogspot.com//search?q=+kellogg+center

    Website: www.grandjourevents.com

    Her prices are really good and she has great reviews.
  • Thanks so much for the tips, I really appreciate it! I was hesitant to book the Kellogg because of this issue but I think we will be able to find our way around it!
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