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New Jersey

Venue help!

bridetobe6207bridetobe6207 member
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edited November 2014 in New Jersey
Hello ladies :)

My fiancé and I were planning on having an October 2015 wedding, but after figuring out how much everything realistically costs, we pushed it back to October 2016.

I'm posting here because I need some help in finding a wedding venue. We are looking for a venue that can have both the ceremony and reception. We are looking for an outdoor ceremony in a beautiful location with a lot of nature and views (preferably near water, maybe even on the beach). We want to keep it small (50 people) and do not want to spend more than $150 per person for the reception - this is including tax, service charge, bar, tip, etc. 

I have a habit of googling "best wedding venues in NY/NJ" and am not finding anything within my price range, which is of course expected. 

Any information you could provide me with is GREATLY appreciated :)

Thank you so much!

Re: Venue help!

  • Hi! My sister got married last October at the Molly Pitcher Inn in Red Bank, NJ. She had less than 50 guests and the price was in your budget. It is on the water and the ceremony can be outside, she planned to do it outside but brought it inside at the last minute because it was windy. Her reception was in the Navesink room which overlooks the marina. If you would like to see pics just PM me and I will send you the link. Not sure if it's what you are looking for... Good luck!
  • Check out Lake Valhalla Club or Rock Island Lake Club
  • Definitely look into the Olde Mill Inn and The Grain House in Basking Ridge!! I had similar criteria as you, only with a slightly larger guest list, and was able to book an affordable dream wedding there! If not this venue, you will find something!! Good luck!   
  • The Place on the Lake. It's absolutely stunning and definitely in your price range. It was a little out of price range, but perfect for yours. It killed me to have to pass on it but am very excited with the venue we ultimately chose.
  • Not sure how far into NY you are willing to look, but Bear Mountain has a lot of the nature views you are looking for, outdoor ceremony and indoor reception on site, and they also have a hotel on site also. 
  • Thank you so much for all of the suggestions! These have all been GREAT, and I have contacted them all. You're all the best! :)
  • I'm getting married Oct. 2015, By the time we get there, my fiance and I will have been engaged for for a little over 26 months, and more than anything it has to do with what a wedding costs nowadays, and us needing to save $$$, so I know what exactly what you're talking about here. 
    Anyway, we are getting married at Ravello's in East Hannover, and we are having having both our ceremony and reception there. Its not near the water, but they have a beautiful and cozy garden, AMAZING food, and they are definitely within your budget.We are expecting 80 guests, so it's a little more than you guys, but I think it's worth looking into. 
    Also, not sure if you've looked into it, but Windows on the Water is also a gorgeous venue that may be within your budget.
    Best of luck!!! 
  • My fiancee and I are looking for almost the same for a May 2016 wedding.  Your budget is a little higher than ours, so I can say with confidence that The Olde Mill Inn and Mayfair Farms (probably where we will be going) are well within your budget and include a ton of food and services.  We worked with Marian at Olde Mill and Scott at Mayfair and they were both wonderful.  There is also Flanders Valley which is VERY affordable, but we weren't sold on the outdoor scenary.

    That being said, I also highly recommend Brooklake Country Club.  It was a bit over our budget, but well within yours and Peter is absolutely fantastic.  The amount of food and services tops them all and it is very classy.

    The first two have a more comfy feel, while the later is a bit more elegant with amazing views.

    If I find anything else along our travels I will definitly let you know.

  • Thank you everyone!
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