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Reception Ideas

Guest Book Table

I am doing a guest book quilt instead of a normal guest book. I know how I want to set the table up but Im not sure what I can use to hold up the letters that say "GUEST BOOK QUILT". I have the twine and clothespins, and my letters done. My original idea was to use small tree branches but I live in an apartment complex and all the trees around me nothing will work. I thought about a picture frame but I need it to be at least 40"x35" and I dont know where I can find one that large.  Looking for ideas please!!

Re: Guest Book Table

  • Would you be willing to make your own frame?  Get some lumber cut to the right size, nail the four pieces together, paint it, et voila!  You'll have yourself a custom-frame.

    If you can't do it yourself, maybe ask around at the high schools that have a woodshop class to see if a kid could make it for you.
  • Could you hang them on an actual quilt rack on top of the table?

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