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Planning a wedding brings out the real bitch in some people


Re: Planning a wedding brings out the real bitch in some people

  • @Lolo - the bridesmaid farthest to the left has The Most Amazing Shoes on!!! I love that everyone found a dress and shoes they liked! But that girl has serious shoe game.
    That's my SIL from NYC. I'll let her know you said that. :)
    Also, I love the dresses! I'd be chomping at the bit to find excuses to wear everyone of those dresses again. They are so cute.
    Thank you! They're Alfred Sung. 

  • My girls didn't vary drastically as far as dress size, but yet their body shapes were still so different! I loved knowing they felt comfortable in their dress (and a few have worn theirs again!)



  • I told my girls to find a dress in light blue (exact shade doesn't matter), that they love, that they can afford. 


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    My BMs ended up in matching dresses basically because we all sort of just stopped caring. I gave them fabric swatches of a shade of blue I wanted (in 3 different fabrics), but they weren't having much luck. I went shopping at Macy's on a lark, found a dress I thought would work (darker than I originally wanted but not a crazy different color), bought it in 2 sizes to see if either liked the dress. Both did, so we just went with it. The dress isn't bridesmaid-y and is in a normal color, so it won't be hard to wear again. And I bought the dresses for them. I'd never make someone wear something they weren't comfortable in and make them pay for it to boot.

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