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I’m enjoying being the “good bride”

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I was in a friend’s wedding this past summer and she was a bit of a bridezilla. Selected a pricey BM dress for everyone to order without consulting any of the BMs, asked favors of many of the BMs (including me- she asked me to plan her bachelorette party because her cousin, the MOH, was “too broke,” and also had other BMs running around doing other favors such as creating programs, helping with DIY decorations, etc.). Day of wedding she was downright nasty, acted superior and bitchy the entire day except in front of the camera, and treated me and the BMs like her personal slaves (the worst was when she asked one of us to run out to a nearby CVS mid-reception for lipstick and eyeliner). On top of the bad temperament, there were a lot of bad etiquette issues, such as cash bar halfway through the reception, a 2 hour gap, and oh, it was her PPD and she and her husband hadn’t told a lot of guests that they were already married. She has since reflected on her wedding to me and has expressed how perfect of it day it was, how happy she was, how she wouldn’t do anything differently, etc. I smiled at her but scoffed inside.

Long story short, she’s a great friend, but a bad bride.

That being said, I am getting married next year and asked her to be a bridesmaid. I know she sounds complicated, but she truly is a good friend who I’ve known for years and I would feel wrong not having her be a BM. However, I’m already a little annoyed by some comments she’s been making about my wedding. “Oh, you’re having an open bar all night? That’s expensive!” “Oh, you’re not planning a couple hours after the ceremony to take pictures and relax before the cocktail hour? Up to you but it was awesome the way I did that at my wedding!” “Oh, you don’t need me to help you with anything? But I made you do stuff for my wedding!”

The snarky bride in me wants to respond to her questions by just saying “gross,” but the polite lady in me just smiles and moves on. And I honestly can’t wait until my wedding day when I hope to be as cool and happy as possible. I’m actually going to try to think of how unhappy and unpleasant she was on her “wedding day” as a reminder to not be like that. I hope this doesn’t make me sound like a bad person, but I do feel like I needed to rant a little bit. I’m not calling myself perfect but I at least hope to be normal and smiling and not treat my sisters and girlfriends like trash. And booze for everybody!

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Re: I’m enjoying being the “good bride”

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    Personally, I think the worst part of all this is that she'd be superior and bitchy the entire wedding day. That's just uncalled for. 
    Marriage isn't an achievement. It doesn't make you better than anyone. Hundreds or thousands of weddings take place on any given day. 

    "Is IS up to me. Thanks for your concern."

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    Or you know, just send her to Etiquette on TK in order to "gather" some information for you. See what she discovers...
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  • I must second your "booze for everybody" comment. Also, you can be good and still rib her a bit: "Well, I want you to enjoy the experience, too, so I'm not making you do too much..."
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